Importance Of Diversity In Workplace Essay


Discuss about the Importance of Diversity in Workplace.



As per the article, there are different key points that helps in identification of the different factors that will lead to managing diversity in the workplace. The ethnic diversity is essential in nature as this will help me as a learner and as the future manager. The social diversity helps in understanding that the cultural diversity will help in contributing towards the contribution to the efficiency as to create competitive advantage. The article helps me in understanding that it provides global integration and interconnectedness helps in making the diversity critical in nature.

The article helped me in analysing that the promoting proper diversity in the workplace is essential as the functional kind of diversity helps in bringing the appropriate approach for finding different solutions. There are different kind of examples that are provided in the article that includes the workforce becomes ethnically diverse. In the article, more than 21% of the employees believe that the different organizations are benefitting to a huge extent from having ethnically diverse workforce management.

Possible strengths as both learner and future manager with diverse groups


As a learner, I feel there are different strengths working with diverse groups. Managing diversity as a learner helps in understanding and respecting the individuals who belongs to different culture and it enhances the social development. The diversity has helped me in preparing myself for success for future career and this helped me in increasing my general knowledge in different areas. Diversity has helped in enhancing and enriching the different multiple kind of perspectives that will help me in understanding the viewpoints of the other colleagues or individuals effectually.

Future Manager

As a future manager, I feel that diversity in workplace is essential in nature as this will help in reducing the discrimination and inequality among the different workers. I feel that diversity is essential as to innovate different ideas gained from different employees and create an innovative workplace. Furthermore, I will be gaining knowledge on the coverage of the different compliances provided by the government management and this will help in solving the different issues in an effective manner

Compare and contrast of personal analysis with main points of article

There are different kind of differences in the personal analysis with the article wherein in the article it has been mentioned that diversity supports the cross fertilization of the different ideas and this brings in different kind of perspectives. The diversity helps in enabling different kind of best practices from different kind of industries and provide different kind of approaches for finding different solutions as well.

There are different special initiatives as to promote diversity wherein the article helps in discussing that the nationality plays a huge role in the companies to serve the global customers in the company. It helps in providing in understanding the different needs of the different employees effectively.

However, there are few differences in my personal opinion in regards to the opinion provided in the article. I feel that diversity is required in different kind of workplaces as this will help me in understanding the different culture of the individuals in an effective manner. I feel that diversity is necessary in different sectors of life as this will help me in increasing the creativity and innovative processes in an effectual manner.

Identification of aspects that is critical for management practice

There are different kind of essential aspects that are required for responsible management practice. I feel that the diversity is required in every field in life as this helps in understanding the social, cultural diversity that is required and this helps in providing proper idea on the increasing the diversity in the workplace as well. I feel that diversity is essential in nature as this will help in understanding the different issues and solve them in an effective manner. As per the article, it has been seen that nationality has to be valued as this helps in understanding the cultures of different individuals in an effective manner.

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