Importance Of Creativity In Modern World Essay

A world without creativity is gray, square, and striped. A world in which people cannot think for themselves in order to be enslaved by guidelines and boundaries would lack interest. This world sounds like a jail, a prison, or even hell. And who wants to go to any of these three? Creativity is the only weapon that can be used to unleash rivers of ideas and cascades of thoughts. Creativity is the ability to solve problems without the help of a guide to produce an outcome without mimicking others that have already been brought into the world. Creativity is about originality. In recent times, creativity is crucial to aid the world. And how can we ensure that our predecessors are going to be creative? By implementing the stimulation of creativity in the daily lives of students. Since they are our future, they shall stimulate their creativity to become the next leaders of companies, and economies will have to face in the future.

Creativity is, undoubtedly, what gives leaders their skills to give rise to ideas, companies, and innovations. Accord to Bronson & Merryman, publishers of “The Creativity Crisis” in, stated that creativity was the number 1 leadership competency of the future, according to a poll given to 1500 CEO’s at the prestigious company IBM. This example demonstrates how creativity is important for people who innovate and manage companies, which indicates that these managers are likely creative and have had stimulation of creativity in the past. When I was younger, I used to participate in a creativity competition called Destination Imagination, a class in which we had to solve problems creatively and present at an international competition. Many of the students that have graduated from school and have participated in DI have been innovative and have created their startups that range from harvesting energy from plants, to speaking at forums about educational strategies and student comprehension. These startups were born from their use of creativity when younger.

Not only creative thinkers create, but they also solve real-life global problems. According to Merryman and Bronson, “All around us are national importance that are crying out for creative solutions, from saving the Gulf of Mexico to bringing peace to Afghanistan, to delivering health care.” Creativity is important to solve problems that are emerging now and that will surge in the future. For that, Google, a widely known company, hires many creative thinkers that are going to solve real world problems. From this center, technology innovations have arisen that have solved problems at digital divide, hacking, and ease in the use of technology. Google has created the cheapest Google Chromebooks to make technology accessible to those that have limited resources.

Even though many may think that creativity is too useless, takes a lot of time, or makes people too open-minded, creative people are and have always been successful. Even though it takes time and effort it guarantees a positive outcome.

Because creativity is such an important skill that can help shape future leaders and problem solvers, it should be included in schools. By assigning projects in which students have to think without guidelines or influence, such as building rockets, writing about feelings, or carrying out just an experiment, students will have to think for themselves, stimulating their creativity. Just an hour a day, just a problem a day, will make people think like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, or JK Rowling. Just by letting the available materials become a realm of resources to create magnificent products, one will become the original hands of an artist that will shape the clay into what one has ever seen.

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