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This report outlines the main activities of the digital marketing of the Persollo company. The research is carried out to understand the company mission, competitors, trends, the different strategies that are used by the company in order to increase their business. The use of the digital media and how it is helpful for the successful business of the Persollo has been discussed. The report consists of the various strategies with analysis of the market and the different digital marketing tools that are used by the company. As we know that the digital marketing is the future of the marketing of the companies with huge benefits in this competitive world. The word digital marketing stands for the promotion of the products with the help of the internet and all the social media websites. However, making use of the digital media for the achievement of the marketing objectives is the greatest strategy which can be adopted by the Persollo company to drive the sales for the brands and people. The use of the digital media is more than the traditional techniques(Stelzner, 2016).

Business mission

The company chosen for this report is the Persollo, which is the Australia based company and that unlocks the platform for the customers to manage their different e commerce activities. The company has main motive to drive the maximum sales for the different clients and the captures maximum number of the buyers to increase the rate of conversion. The Persollo is the selling system for all the different brands as well as an influencer for the customers. The company is powered by the Telstra group of companies which ha the main motive to attract the maximum number of the clients and manage all the demand and expectations of the customers. Although the Persollo company is a newly established company, but still this company is working for the 30 big brands and more than 600 boutiques. The company has the mission to increase the rate of the sales conversions from social media networks by working for the customers anytime and anywhere via online media.

Objectives of the company

The main objective of the Persollo company is to build the marketing strategies for making use of the digital media platform where the brands of the companies sell their tasks or jobs to the website directly and ensure that those are sold to the buyers of the products in a very minimum time period. The main focus of the report is to provide the different tools for the management of the products and services on the digital media platforms and looking for the potential customers by organizing marketing campaigns.

Industry trends

Looking at the trends of the company, then the company is growing very rapidly. There are many companies who want to invest their money into the Persollo company to take the benefits from the company. Recently, the company presented an MVP and admitted to have the 120 sellers and $10,000 in transactions in one week. The company is accelerated by the incubator and the muno for the payment forms(Joel & Karjaluoto, 2015).

Persollo is also providing the financial services with the help of the digital tools that enables the users to create payment form in a one single click. The system or digital platform generated the link or URL to the payment form, which enables selling system via social platforms. The company is powered by the Telstra company and the company was announced as the best selling system(Jensen, 2014).

Major competitors

As such there are not high competition but it is analyzed that the competition has been growing . The growing competition is a threat to the company. The major competitor of Persollo company is the Neto any doing the same business.

Marketing strategies (Traditional and digital)

It is analyzed that the digital marketing is used more than the traditional marketing techniques. There are many digital marketing techniques such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing google analytics that can be used by the companies and there are many players in the economy like banking sectors, It companies like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, and different shopping portals. There are many brands like Lenevo, Samsung, Sony and many more companies who use the different eCommerce platforms just to promote their products as well as drive sales into the organization. Talking about the recent trends, the telecom companies like reliance, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea offering attractive free internet plans and these promote the social media marketing and provides more customer friendly business environment(Prystajko & Kupferman, 2014).

The difference between the traditional and the digital marketing is found with the help of change in the process of collection, analysis and data interpretation. The traditional marketing tools or resources that are used by the organization in the old times are TV, radio, word of mouth, seminars and personal selling in order to gain the profits and promote the products. In comparison to the digital marketing channels are slow in the creation of the awareness and generation of the leads for sales. The traditional marketing challenges are used in comparison to the digital marketing just to access the user information and trends and brand loyalty.

Content marketing is the essential element of the SEO as the content quality is the main matter of concern. To make the add and content more attractive, the Persello company can make use of the images, tags, texts and marketing ads. Moving further, the digital marketing is the most important platform that is used by the businesses for their growth and return on investments. In the social media marketing of the Persollo , the company can grow its business by improving the customer services, marketing campaign and by creating brand awareness programs(Google, 2016). In the below figure , the percentage growth of different platforms has been shown on the basis of the survey conducted in the year of 2015. Social media is the platform of creating the brand awareness.

There are many different methods that can be used by the companies in order to take the benefits and for the growth of the Persello company and these different methods of the digital marketing involved are given below:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Mobile Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  4. Content Creation
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  6. Digital Display Advertising
  7. Retargeting and Remarketing
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Interactive Marketing
  10. Viral Marketing
  11. Email Marketing
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Digital Media Planning and Buying

Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan, or a digital strategy, is the series of actions and steps that helps you to achieve your goals using online marketing. Depending on the scale of business, a digital marketing plan may include the achievement of multiple goals and may different action steps. Now, this definition itself lines out the importance of strategizing an effective digital marketing plan. Astrategy, it is effectively thought of, can help you stay focused on your set goals(J?rvinen, 2016).

Now, as pointed out earlier, the goal for Persollois to expand its reach to more businesses and offline stores, which can be its future potential clients, and to make them understand how Persollo can effectively help increasing their sales and increase their brand awareness. However, reaching out their target prospect is somewhat difficult these days through online advertisements, due to the recent advent of AdBlockers. Almost everyone has an Adblock software installed on their systems these days, which ultimately makes the money that the company spends on online advertisements to trash. Therefore, Persollo needs to revise its digital marketing strategy, so that they can reach out to more people and make them understand the benefit of using their services.

We have tried to reformulate Persollo’s digital marketing plan, in order to tackle these problems.

The first step of making any marketing plan is to know the target customer, which, in Persollo’s case are small & medium businesses which do not have a website of their own. In the second, comes the part to decide on goals, which we already did in the previous section(Hristova, 2016).

Now, third is identifying the marketing tools that Persollo will need for its Digital Marketing. As we illustrated above, that the use of internet Ads is no longer a cost effective way of digital marketing. The company should venture out to different tools, such as:

  • SEO/Analytics:Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of impacting the visibility of a website or a webpage in aninternet search engine's non-paid results. It is often referred as organic/naturalresults and also as the "earned" results.
  • Social media marketing: It is a process of digital marketing, where the attention or in other words, traffic, is gained through social media sites.
  • Mobile Marketing:This promotional activity is designed for the users of the present age. Since majority of the population has a smartphone, content through this campaign is specially designed to be hosted on smart phones(Earnest, 2016).
  • Email marketing:It’s a marketing technique where a commercial message is sent through emails to a group of people. In a much simpler way, every email that is sent to a prospect or current customer can be considered as email marketing.
  • Content marketing:This can also be called as an indirect marketing technique.In this technique, material, such as videos, blogs, and social media posts +etc are created and shared online, which do not promote the brand. But,the intent of such content is to create awareness among the target audience and develop an interest in its services(Stearns & Rooney, 2013).

Following are the ways howPersollo can utilize the above mentioned tools:

SEO/Analytics:Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a one time event. A company has to commit itself to the process of SEO. One needs to be patient with this process, as it doesn’t provide the results overnight. One should plan and build a great website so that target prospect is captured by it. And since, Persollo itself is promoting the online marketing through its website, here it becomes all more important to lay focus on the functioning and design of its own website. The person who is doing the job search engine optimization of the website should be master of the Keyword Research. If doing it on its own, the company should make sure it is assigned an expert to the job, else, companies can plan to hire a company which specializes in SEO itself. But in that case as well, the business needs to be diligent enough to hire a company which has a good track record has some results to show(Group, 2013).

And as it is said, if you can’t measure it, you will not be able to improve it. So, it is suggested the business starts using the Google Analytics tool right from the beginning. Google Analytics is a free tool available online, which can be used to track the information source of a website’s traffic. With this service, you can have the data for a number of site visits, page views, bounce rate, average time spent on website, pages viewed per visit and percentage of new visits. It also provides the information as to how much traffic was through organic search, which can help you determine your brand awareness among people and how of it was through other sources, such as advertisements, social media etc

Social media marketing:It is vital to understand social media marketing fundamentals. By leveraging the power of social media marketing,you can elevate your audience and customer base to multi-folds. For effective social media marketing, one needs to follow these steps:

  • Read the content that your target audience reads and then, join various online discussions to learn the things that are important to them. It will then help you to create a content that captures their attention.
  • It's better to specialize than to be a jack-of-all-trades. A highly-focused social media and content marketing strategy intended to build a strong brand has a better chance for success than a broad strategy that attempts to be all things to all people.
  • It is necessary to make connections which read, share and talk about your content, further with their connections, rather than those connections who just vanish after connecting with you the first time. So, the quality of connections also matters a lot.
  • Success in social media marketing doesn't happen overnight. You'll need to commit yourself to the long haul for achieving results(Affect, 2012).
  • If the quality of your published content is amazing, then you will automatically attract a lot of followers. And if you really influence them with your work, they will share your content with their own connections through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs etc. Thus, you should focus on the quality of content that you post.

Content marketing: The content marketing is the strategy that can be used by the Pesello in order to share the messages, content and ideas for the purpose of the marketing activities. As the website is the digital channel that is used by the Persello to share the content with the customers. To maintain the security and privacy of the data, the Persello company should build the organizational policies and the employees and clients need to follow the legal policies to share the relevant and useful content. The action can be taken any unlawful or any wrong information shared on the websites. Basically, the content marketing life cycle is the plan that requires creation, publishing, promotion and content analysis .

Following are some of the attributes that the Persollo could use before planning the content marketing:

  1. Brand information should be embodied on the packages as well as on the websites.
  2. Share the content that depicts the information about the company or brand in the form of videos, pictures and presentations etc.
  3. To read the content, make use of the virus free computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones.
  4. To make the ad and content more attractive, the Persello company can make use of the images, tags, texts and marketing ads.
  5. Social media platforms should be used to distribute the content
  6. To measure the results, the Persello company can use the appropriate promotional codes and call to action(Marketo, 2016).

Content marketing is significant in many areas as below:

  • Content marketing helps to drive the lead and sales by sharing the content via the websites as well other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkindin.
  • Search engine optimization can be improved if the keywords and the content that shared on the websites is accurate.
  • Content marketing drives the traffic to the website as well as sustained interaction with the brands as well as the people of the Persello.
  • It maintains a good customer relation as people have the reason to keep coming back.

Facebook and Online Display Advertising

It has been Facebook and the online display advertisements is the most beneficial platform and need to focus on the each and every aspect of the business. The researchers found so many similar as well as different things in the both the platforms. As both the platforms are paid, but both are effective in nature of advertisement and promotions. The messages or the information conveyed through Facebook and Google AdWords is almost similar in nature and both are helpful to drive the sales by generating leads through these platforms. Marketing manager should always do proper utilization of these platforms in order to gain the business growth and the return on the investments.

The difference in both the platforms are the way of targeting the customers. Both the platforms are the best method of targeting the customers and increase the sales. A Facebook is the platform using to provide the business activities to the existing customers and goog adwords are very helpful to find the new customers very easily.

Mobile Marketing: This promotional activity is designed for the users of the present age. Since majority of the population has a smart phones, content through this campaign is specially designed to be hosted on smart phones. A Persello company can also make use of these strategies in order to gain the attention of the young generation. The mobile marketing is the most effective approach as compared to the other approaches because the people are using phones to become the active on the social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. All these applications are the best way to reduce the costs as well as to promote the products and services through the mobile phones(Institute, 2016).

Email marketing: It’s a marketing technique where a commercial message is sent through emails to a group of people. The marketing of the products or brands by sending the emails is used to build the brand image. The Persello company can also conduct the online survey by sending the questionnaire in the mail as all the shopping portals used to do. In a much simpler way, every email that is sent to a prospect or current customer can be considered as email marketing.

Final Recommendations

While making the digital plan and preparing to run a marketing campaign on the digital platforms, the company Persello should need to consider the following suggestions:

  1. It is suggested that the all the information mentioned in the campaigns or ads like title, content, should be unique in nature, so that it will easier for the customers to reach to that ad by the way of google, Bing and Yahoo.
  2. The business site of the Persello company needs to be restructured before the SEO of the website page and because of this, customers can easily navigate the website URL and links(Rothman, 2014).
  3. Content marketing is the essential element of the SEO as the content quality is the main matter of concern. To make the add and content more attractive, the Persello company can make use of the images, tags, texts and marketing ads.
  4. The organization should also focus on the SEO for the mobile phones to get better results and to drive the traffic to the Advertising page.
  5. It is recommended that business needs to be diligent enough to hire a company which has a good track record has some results to show.
  6. It is advised to read the content that your target audience reads and then, join various online discussions to learn the things that are important to them. It will then help you to create a content that captures their attention.
  7. It is recommended that the company should hire the team of experts who will handle all the tasks of the digital marketing (Pulizzi & Handley, 2017).
  8. The government should also need to take action against the sharing of the unlawful and wrong information on the social media websites just to control the issues and challenges.
  9. For the safety of the data, the computers or the smart phones should be virus free. The company should avoid the virus attacks and the hacking of the systems for the security of the data or content.


This report is the assessment of the digital marketing platforms used by the Persello company and the issue of the information security as well as the cost are associated with these platforms. Because of which, the company need to re-evaluate the process and need to apply the digital marketing plan. According to the digital marketing plan, there are many steps or points that should be kept in mind while conducting any marketing campaign. The digital marketing plan involves the different marketing strategies and the effectiveness of these strategies. The main purpose of the digital marketing plan is to drive the sales of the company and generates the leads on the SEO and also drive traffic to the websites of the different brands. In this report, all the social media marketing, google analytics, email marketing, mobile marketing and the content marketing strategies are discussed with some of the points. It has been observed that, in the world of the digitization, every person to somehow is connected to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because of the development of the smart phones too. Different mobile apps in the smart phones are very useful for the marketing purposes.

However, in this report, the traditional and modern techniques of the marketing are compared and discussed in order to understand the role of the latest technologies and social media platforms. Moreover, it is recommended to the Persollo company to follow the marketing strategies and the proper planning in order to drive the sales and attracts the maximum customers.


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