Implementation Of Governmental Policies Essay


Discuss about the Implementation Of The Various Governmental Policies.


I had been eager to apply for seeking an admission to the master degree course on the Public Administration that allows me to specialize in the matters involving the state and the local governments. I would like to enroll myself as a student at the esteemed University of Toronto, located in Canada. Public administration, from an academic viewpoint, generally refers to the academic discipline that aims at the study of the implementation of the various governmental policies and the helps in the preparation of the various public servants who have been involved in the matters that are related to the public service. I have been studying the courses on political sciences and have served at the local government bodies as well as the several non-governmental institutions. The procedures that were followed by the various departments of the government had been my source of interest in this field of study and helped me to grow an interest in the concerned field. I find motivation in the matters that help me to serve the people who have been residing in the country. The implementation of the various policies of the government interest me enough in the matters that are needed to pursue my academic career in the concerned field.

I have already been a part of the students who had been pursuing their courses at the political sciences. My academic career in the subject has helped me shape my interest in the concerned subject and piqued my desires to know more about the various ways of the implementation of the governmental laws and policies. My professional career in the financial institutions has helped me learn the ways in which I might relate to the concerned members of the society and help them with the various issues that they might be facing due to the implementation of the various governmental policies in the area. My work experience in the NGOs and the local governmental bodies has helped me to learn about the practicality of the after effects of the implementation of the various governmental laws on the various strata of the citizens of the concerned state or country. My work experience has also helped me to know the various ways in which the governmental policies might be applied to prevent malpractices that have been going on in the concerned area.

I do believe that on undertaking the course offered by the graduate program, I would be able to understand the various functions of the state and the local governments of the country. The pursuit of my academic career in this field might help me in the effective navigation of the changes in the climate of the various governmental bodies and the regular everyday life that is led by the various residents of the concerned locality or the state. The course would be helpful for me to learn various core competencies that are required for the pursuing my career in the various administrative and leadership positions in the various local and state government bodies. The master’s program in public administration with the specialization in the state and the local government might help me in the demonstration and the understanding of the various qualities like the skills that are required for the communication, interaction with the various people, the prioritization of the various tasks, the organization and the management of the various projects and the various activities that are related to the planning of these tasks. The graduate program might also help us in the fields of research that are needed to be made in the concerned subject. These researches might help the state and the local governments to reach out to the citizens of the country in a better manner and thereby solve the issues that they might have been facing.

I look forward to be able to serve my country by being one of the responsible persons employed in the state or the local governmental bodies. This graduate program offered by the University of Toronto might help me to learn more about the various matters that are related to the applications in the matters that are related to the public administration that is extended to the various members of the country, state and the localities in the form of the various governmental policies that are implemented in the area. I aspire to hold the office of a responsible member of the local government or the state government body. This course at the highly esteemed University of Toronto, Canada might hep me to learn more on the concerned subject and thus help me achieve my long-term objectives and aspirations.

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