Impact of tv shows on reality Essay

T.V. shows have always been a dominant source of entertainment and information in the television industry. It has gained high popularity among all audience regardless of age or nationality. As it has reached a large number of populations, it has had a major negative impact on the thinking of people. When it was initially brought in the market, it’s objective was to enrich its viewers with useful information and entertainment. But eventually, as time passed by and started catering to the demand of the people, it became entirely different for the reason it was created. Although shows can be a positive phenomenon but are always overweighed by the negativities. In my opinion, T.V. shows have an unhealthy influence on reality because it creates wastage of time, spreads false perceptions, ruins relationship and causes health issues.

Watching T.V. shows, watching certain films and playing video games are a total waste of time. There is always something more beneficial, more productive and more fulfilling a person can do with their free time rather than being stuck to the T.V. and gaining weight. Moreover, captures our brain and does not lets us think out of the box as we give it our full visual and audio concentration. T.V. shows are the most popular source of entertainment for many people but hamper with people’s creativity. This makes as compelled to be stuck to the shows until the show is over and due to which we sit in a particular place for a long time which raises the risk of obesity, not only that but also keeps us in thoughts “what would happen in the next episode?”. People often forget about their work and start indulging in talks about the show(s) which is a dual effect, because it not only disturbs us but also the other person we talk to. This precious time could be spent on more useful activities such as being physically active or socially interacting with family or other or discovering outdoor activities.

While it is true that T.V. shows are branded as a “waste of time”, most of the people that watch these shows so that they can relax and have a good time. Life can’t be always work and no play. That means if a person watches shows, he or she is relaxing, and a relaxed mind always produces much better results. T.V. shows can affect positively as the shows are filled with various messages about honesty, sharing and caring as well as improved understanding of basic facts and information from podcasts or educational channels. People usually take it as a mistake because the time is not wasted it is utilized. However; it cannot be considered utilized if watched during the time of study or other important time. Viewers can only be relaxed if they watch in a balanced manner, but more than half of the people usually watch T.V. shows do get addicted. This relaxation changes to laziness as they keep warming their chairs or sofa by keep on delaying their work. Due to which they do not allow us to do anything beneficial.

T.V. does not only waste its viewers time, which is already bad but also feeds people with wrong information and ruins a person’s perceptions. People often mistake the scripted shows with reality even some of the reality shows are not real, actually manipulates with the truth so that it can suit the program producers, such as, “The Voice” which was exposed by a rock singer Adam Wiener, he claimed that the competition was completely pre-recorded, and everything was scripted; and sadly, people believe what so ever the T.V. displays. They collect a bunch of young blood who do anything to be famous and they try to increase the excitement by selecting those people who are more likely to clash, like big brother. Then give them challenges due to which they are provoked and finally provide viewers with dramatic footage only. People don’t even think twice on the harsh truthfulness. This does not give even a glimpse of reality and provide them with unrealistic expectations from life. Thus, viewers get manipulated.

On the other hand, the fact that T.V. shows provide people with unrealistic expectations and hopes, they are not valid for a number of reasons. Many shows are filled with positive messages which aspire people to do good or achieve something big in life as well as increases their motivation. Shows provide facts and information about the history which would help the children to gain knowledge. However; many viewers get confused about what’s reality and what’s not. They are still creating false perceptions among the viewers and that some aspects of the community are common. They give boost to the opinion that all families have drama and are common part. They twist and turn the relationship aspect and gives an opinion about what a normal relationship should be like. Which leads to bad vibes and makes them believe it is not possible for them to live in peace. All the facts provided are not always to be true. People get the wrong idea and can lead to increase criticism even though the person in the show was good in reality.

Since the existence of T.V. shows, families keep on get separated day by day. This problem is lead when people watch T.V. instead of communicating with their families. Before the crazy for shows, people used to spend a lot of time with family on the dinner table or either playing board games, which is a rare occurrence even for them to sit together in the same room. People get wrapped in the shows even the educational ones and they get lost in these and start spending a small period of time with their family and in some cases forget about their family. People take the drama in shows seriously, especially in the case of couples. In the show as the drama increases, the drama also increases in the relationship. They get addicted to the shows and becomes very hard to quit, just like alcoholism. Recent studies have proved that more than 12% of T.V. consumers feel they are addicted to T.V. and even though they feel bad about but are incapable to stop themselves (1).

Although, T.V. gives people a perception as if they have a friend for lonely people and help socialize. It is proven to be helpful when people suffer low esteem and even when they are rejected by family or friends, by creating an illusion as if they have a friend and can feel a sense of belongingness and all the social need are fulfilled. It can help people feel they are part of a group. Shows can help interact with people because of the similarity of the shows they watch. However; but it can also lead to depression by reducing the viewer's social skills. People who watch shows are socially unskilled. People can socialize only if they leave the T.V. which is a difficult task and they end up to spending lots of hours. Later they realize they have no one to talk and end up feeling lonely and when they feel lonely, they again watch shows. This continues until they end up being depressed.

People spend various hours on T.V. without ever realizing the harmful effects it leaves on person health physically and mentally. The physical side effect is the gaining of weight, as they do not burn calories and leg pain because of reduced outdoor activity, heavy head, neck ache due to sitting in the same posture for long periods of time, ruins person's eyesight due to excessive radiation emitted from T.V., reduced muscle gain, and other heart diseases. According to a study, found that watch more than 2 hours of T.V. daily increases the risk of type 2 disease and heart disease whereas watching more than 3 hours could lead to premature death (2). T.V. may act as a reason for how people interact with society. Reality shows encourage youngsters to partake in attention-seeking be behaviors. Watching shows with violence genres can lead to increased aggression in people, especially in children. Children’s brains are in development mode, and these can encourage them by promoting violence, drugs, inappropriate languages and bullying. Which may lead them to either hospital or jail.

T.V. corrupts the mind of its viewers by giving the wrong perspective of what the societal standard is to viewers as well as promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and lowers social skills. It depends on the types of shows we watch. To conclude, T.V. can be helpful and relaxing when watched for a limited period of time but as the saying goes, it is never good to overdo a habit. Spending too much time on T.V. would only help in missing the better alternative that could be done. Overall shows do not have a positive impact, although it may be entertaining, it depends on what they are watch and with whom. Therefore, it is time to give T.V. shows a break and start living.

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