Impact Of Cultural Issues On ICT Professional Essay


1.Describe and Discuss what Cultural Issues may Impact on you as an ICT Professional if your Organisation Merges with another. Try to think deeply about some of the Possible Impacts on you and your Career path that could result from an organisation Merger or Restructure.

2.As a Software Developer, you are required to develop programs that can be readily accessed by a wide range of Clients.
3.Discuss 3 ways in which you (or your Organisation), Can use ICT to reduce your Carbon Footprint, and Contribute to Green ICT.
4.Which of the following are projects, and which are processes? Explain your answer.
4.1.Building a Computer, on a Production line of Identical Computers.
4.2.Building a House, as one of a Series of Identical Houses all over Australia.
4.3.Upgrading a Computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

4.4.Upgrading all 120 Computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10.


1.Impact of Cultural Issues on ICT Professional due to Organization Merger or Restructure Include:

Decision-making style: The organization affects decision-making style of the ICT professional, as effective integration needs rapid as well as proper decision-making style. There are different types of decision-making style due to organizational merger results in slowing down the speed of the decision-making (Yildiz 2014). It can also cause failure of various decisions including the implementation decision.

Leadership style: A change in the leadership style can cause number of problems among the ICT professionals. This is considered as true for top talents as they can quickly undermine value in integration by draining various markets contracts as well as intellectual control.

Ability to change: It is the willingness of the ICT professional to risk various types of new things on order to maintain the current state as well as current goals of the organization. The ICT professional faces problems due to their unwillingness of implementing new strategies (Kersiene and Savaneviciene 2015).They also face problems due to their unwillingness for working with the inevitable problems

Beliefs about personal success: The various types of problems that the ICT Professionals are facing can lead to breakdown in completing the work successfully. If they believe in achieving goals as a team then they needs to integrate with those people of the organization whose notion of success helps in emphasizing performance of the individual (Yildiz 2014). The resulting situations are generally characterized with the help of personal dislike as well as due to lack of support for completing the job.

2.A Website must be Developed for accessing by a Wide Range of Clients include:

blind or visually impacted clients as well as for the clients who are colorblind. The website is mainly designed for people who are visually impaired so that they can utilize screen reader for accessing the Internet daily. The website must be designed with the following characteristics:

Be descriptive: Image ALT Tags must be present in the website (Lowry et al. 2014). The screen readers need to develop with a personality so that it can describe the information properly.

Be concise: The information provided on the website must be written in simple words. The designer must be sure to check spelling grammar properly. It is also important to have translation tool.

Use a flowchart: Flowchart must be used for tracking as well as organizing sites effectively.

Consider internet explorer: Internet Explorer must be used as it is considered as one of the number one browser for screen reading (Rodriguez-Molina, Frias-Jamilena, and Castaneda-Garcia 2015). The site must be tested with mordern.IE for checking compatibility across IE.

Not relying on color: aidColors must be applied while implementing the website as it helps in easy as well as fast color recognition

3.There are three ways, which can be used for Reducing Carbon Footprint for Contributing to Green ICT Includes:

The Carbon opportunity: It helps in providing an opportunity to reduce carbons by improving the procedure of automation and engine optimization significantly. Smart grid must be used for balancing the various energy demands as well as supplies for incorporating with various renewable (Kamilaris, Pitsillides and Fidas 2016).The source of carbon also reduces by making the high number of commercial buildings energy efficient with the help of smart building measures.

The Business opportunity: ICT not only helps in carbon reduction but also has the potential to create a significant business opportunity in context with new generation opportunities as well as cost savings by improving energy efficiencies as well as by enabling the creation of proper new models of business (Perabathini et al. 2015).

The social opportunity: ICT helps in enabling sustainable socio economic benefit by enabling various ICT applications like e- work, e-commerce, traffic control as well as e banking. These impacts have positive impact on the organization for contributing towards green ICT.

4.1.Building a Computer, on a Production line of Identical Computers

Building a computer, on a production line of identical computers is considered as a project because building a computer is a planned set of interrelated task, which is executed within a fixed period of time and cost.

4.2.Building a House, as one of a Series of Identical Houses all over Australia

Building a house as one of a series of identical houses all over Australia is considered as a project because the construction is planned for achieving a particular objectives as well as aim (Davenport 2013).Construction of a house generally involves proper planning and design for accomplishing the tasks under a specific time constraints.

4.3.Upgrading a Computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Upgrading a computer from windows 7 to windows 10 is a process because it is a sequence of interdependent as well as linked procedures which need to consume one or more resources like time, energy, machines as well as money for converting windows 7 to windows 10 (Reames et al. 2014).

4.4.Upgrading all 120 Computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Upgrading all the 120 computers from windows 7 to windows 10 is a project as it is very much difficult to upgrade all the computers individually. Therefore, up gradation of all the 120 computers needs proper planning and as a result the entire procedure is considered as project.


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