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8002-322 Understanding the Organisation and Its Context

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The purpose of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of organisations in their context. In order to demonstrate your knowledge of this you need to respond to all of the questions listed below.


You should plan to spend approximately 10 hours researching your workplace context, preparing for and writing or presenting the outcomes of this assignment for assessment. The 'nominal' word count for this assignment is 1500 words: the suggested range is between 1",000 and 2",000 words.

Check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria.

1. Understand the organisation as an entity

1.1 Describe the legal entity of the organisation you work for and the implication of that legal entity on the structure and management of your organisation

As I work for the borough of Havering, which would be classed as public sector. The public section can be defined as a part of our countries economy in which the government is able to control and support financially as the government provides a range of services to the public (, 2019). A legal entity can be defined as an association or corporation for example who are able to enter into agreements, contracts, incur and pay debts but also sue others or be sued within its own rights as they are held responsible for their actions (, 2019).

As I work for Havering council, which is a public sector organisation which is government funded. The legal entity for the council that I work for is that we are able to enter into agreements for example as Housing solutions officer when conducted assessments clients may agree to let us contact solicitors and doctors in order to gain information. Clients also sign contracts with housing agents when we find private rented properties and I would sign an contract which states me as a Housing solutions officer of Havering council is agreeing to pay the deposit and one months rent.

I think there are many implications of the legal entity on the structure as within my team when investigating homelessness clients may to go get advice which solicitors may not find out decisions fair and decision to take the council to court for our homelessness decision made. This can be very damaging for both the council and team as out managers and the director of housing may be notified of such and this is a very complex situation as the homelessness department may believe they have done what is right.

The structure of the organisation is definitely tall as mainly only the housing solutions officer interacts with clients the managers only interact if there is a major issue, which is due to the structure of management.

1.2 Describe the operational functions within your organisation

Marketing is a great way to push ideas to the community. It is marketing responsibility to aid the development and delivery plan, which also helps with functional strategy. (, 2019) Marketing is extremely important when marketing and pushing ideas to the community.

Finance in which governments play a vital role in providing public services. As the local government look at spending which help the distribution of resources in the public sector in housing. The council can charge for services but it is isn’t desirable spending is able to be taken from local general revenue, loans, or grants from the government. (Financing local government, 2019)

Production -

1.3 Identify your own role, span of control and reporting line in your organisation using an organisational chart to illustrate

My own roIe is to take emergency appointments and the pre-evictions and provide final decisions to implement the new Homeless reduction act. My role is normally the front line of emergency services therefore I must provide urgent help and assistance for members of our community most in need. If someone is due to become homeless within the next week or so, I will book them in to have an assessment and see what I can do to prevent homelessness which includes negotiating with Landlords and estate agents, applying for DHP or using money from the prevention fund to stop eviction taking place and clearing arrears. We must complete personal housing plans which reflect the customers needs and aspirations also focusing on their strengths to enable them to work with us to either prevent or relief their homelessness. We work with the private rented sector in order to find homes for people in need.

I think my role has a lot of control as I have to do personal housing plans for my clients and independent investigations into how they became homeless or why they maybe homeless soon and then try to prevent it, find private rented accommodation for the client or refer to social services if could to be intentionally homeless.

As a Housing Solutions Officer, I work as a homelessness officer. I report to the Housing solutions manager for Homelessness and reviews and the senior housing solutions officer homelessness. As you can see below the Housing demands service manager also manages 5 different departments in housing. There are also 5 managers managing each of those 5 departments. I work as housing solutions officer in the Homeless team. I have edited the structure of the chart found on the Havering intranet to show how many officers there are per role and excluded names.

1.4 Describe the roles and responsibilities of managers at different levels in your organisation

The Director of Housing is in a position to find affordable housing for people in need in the community. To also instruct and supervise staff, deal with other local governmental agencies and create plans that will contribute positively to the growth of the community while setting financial budgets. They must a lot provide proof of finances, and measure the policies are followed. They deal with major issues surrounding with maintenance issues, Lawyers and Contractors.

As Housing demand service manager, they manage the daily operation of Housing Demand Division. To have the ability to acquire and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the services delivered within Housing Demand, to lead projects and to contribute to the vision through the Corporate Plan and strategies of housing and homelessness. To be responsible for managing a team. To ensure the Division and staff are following housing regulations by maintaining knowledge of relevant legislation, including the Housing Act 1996, Part VI and VII, Homelessness Reduction Act, the Localism Act 2011. To ensure that services are delivered cost-effectively, without unnecessary expenditure or cost and by maximising income also updating all financial records including monitoring and managing budgeting. To ensure complaints and FOIs are completed and risks and threats are identified which could affect the reputation o the council. (, 2019)

The manager of Housing solutions homelessness and reviews:

To deliver emergency homelessness services and ensure assistance is provided to those in temporary accommodation and ensure a consistent process is followed to provide support. To work with other agencies like Probation, prison to provide services to address homelessness and offer alternative solutions and support. To carry out customer reviews to vulnerable people who may have been homeless or have a history of failing tenancies. To ensure advice, guidance and sign post to other agencies, like mental health and social care professionals. To manage the budget for Homelessness services.

The senior housing solutions officer is responsible for providing leadership and appropriate management, guidance and mentoring required to the team. It is essential they set goals and achieve targets, including monitoring of staff development for example managing sickness and absence, 1-1 supervision, 6 month reviews and annual appraisal

1.5 Explain the relevance to your organisation of its different stakeholders

Clients who are homeless and maybe about to be homeless come to my organisation for help as they might not be able to afford the cost to get into a private rented property or be able to pass all the criteria’s of an estate agent in order to get a property. This is good as we are able to help people of our community.

Shelter are important stakeholders as they look at equality and human rights in housing. They value diversity and what to ensure everyone in need is able to access services, which sometimes means challenging the council. Often they provide housing law advice for housing applications to help clients. (Shelter - PROMOTING EQUALITY, VALUING DIVERSITY, 2019)

Social services are an extremely important stakeholder. As we often complete referrals to social services in order for them to help accommodate families with children under 18years old. They also work with us to support families. (, 2019)

Local government - Stakeholders which can be directors and government agencies can affect an organisation's plan, objectives and policies as they look at the business and resources available to maximise the positive outcomes for the community. They are a key stakeholder.

Benefits teams they can effect clients both positive and negatively. The benefits team try to help people on low incomes to apply for benefits and award them depending on what category they fall in (GOV.UK, 2019). They encourage people back into work or signpost them to relevant organisation which can help individuals. They play a major role within my organisation as they supply us with information to help us investigate homelessness but also help us to prevent homelessness.

2. Understand the context within which the organisation operates

2.1 Identify the major external forces which impact upon your organisation

Supply of housing as a lot of housing can’t be considered affordable. Due to lack of supply in housing this puts more pressure on the organisation to find other ways to accommodate people in need of housing. Also as the population increases people are in need of more bedrooms within their household for example in my organisation 3 and 4 bedrooms is in high demand compared to 2 bedrooms. Often we are able to put a household into a 2bedroom due to children being young but this will not be suitable accommodation once these children get to a certain age or because of their gender.

Government funding has a major effect on our organisation. As we feel we don’t have enough funding for housing people in private rented accommodation as the costs of private renting are extremely high and councils are paying deposit, rent in advance and incentives. Every April the council I work for gets a new budget of money to use so currently our budget is very low and meaning are managers are not approving all tenancy’s estate agents give us due to the costs. The government will be providing funding for housing associations and other organisations to build house which are more affordable which will take a number of years to build.

2.2 Prepare a PESTLE analysis of an organisation

External factors to consider

Factors affected within my industry

Importance to organisation


Government policy Political stability Tax Industry regulations Global trade agreements and or restrictions

The decision by the UK to leave the EU may change government policies and who is housed.. Area’s where people live may be affected. Consumer protection rights.




Exchange rates Globalisation Economic growth / decline Inflation Interest rates Cost of living Labour costs Consumer spending habits

Exchange rate conversions remain volatile, affecting the cost the build homes. The cost of services in housing may go up depending on the economy. Estate agents add interest in order to help us house clients, with Brexit this may become more costly. Cost of living fluxuates depending on the market and resources available for housing. Country-specific demand and supply.






Consumer interest Consumer buying habits Lifestyle factors Career attitudes Work-life balance Population demographics

Culture diversity and the areas of countries have different preferences. Our housing supply might not cater to all people depending on age, disabilities and how many living in a household. Work-life balance is vital and important to employee’s mental health. In most regions local demographic labour markets state the lack of affordable housing available.








Disruptive technologies Social networking



Artificial Intelligence Security

We are becoming an online organisation by the use of online structure applications and assessments. Technology will need to be developed more so it can be used now and in the future. As we use technology more this is unfair to elderly people who are unable to access or use the internet Social networking is a major factor as the community look for updates on social media in regards to housing and reporting to social outlets like bbc and newspapers. Technology needs to be upgrades often so it can take information from both complex cases and basic cases and protect sensitive information. As cybercrime is on the rise there is a risk to data protection and operational stability. E.g. Cyber attack on residence information. As we rely heavily on our computers systems if they were to Crash we could potentially lose all our data unless the services are backed up








Employment law

Common law

Local labour law

Health and safety regulations

Keeps the rights and duties between employers and workers. Common law givens residences responsibilities which is agreed between them and the Landlord and housing officer. These laws look at labour laws, which are to make sure workers are safe and treated fairly. To identify potential risks and hazards and ensure work to fix hazards are carried out.






Environmental restrictions imposed by in-country governments Sustainable resources CSR (Corporate social responsibility) Ethical sourcing Transportation Procurement Supply chain management

The rise in ethically and environmentally aware residents and the community. Due to brexit there is no certainty on pricing of private rented housing whether prices will fluxuant and become even more unaffordable. Sustainable resources are hard to keep as this includes funding for housing which is never enough for deposits, incentives and a month’s rent in advance. Keeping a stable supply of almost affordable housing and to sustain housing available.





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Housing Demand Services Manager X1

Housing Solutions Manager (Prevention & Relief Team) X 1

Housing Solutions Manager

(Homeless & Reviews Team) X1

Housing Solutions Officer (Homeless)

X 3

Rehousing Team Manager X1

Private Housing & Procurement Team Manager X1

Housing Register & Regeneration Team Manager X1

Senior Housing Solutions Officer (Prevention & Relief) X1

Senior Housing Solutions Officer (Homeless)


Reviews &Appeal s Officer

X 3

Housing Solutions Officer (Complex Need Lead)

X 1

Housing Solutions Officer (Rough Sleeping Lead)

X 1

Housing Solutions Officer (Prevention & Relief) X 8

Housing Solutions Officer (Community Outreach)

X 1

Housing Solutions Officer (Tenant & Landlord Liaison) X 2

Housing Solutions Officer (Community Outreach)

X 2

Procurement Officer

X 4

Senior Rehousiing & Move-On Officer X 1

Rehousing Officer (Social Housing) X4

Rehousing & Move-On Officer X 3

Housing Register Officer x6

Regeneration Housing Officer X 2

Housing Improvement Officer X 1

Occupational Therapist X 1

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