Ice man Essay

There are so many murderers that have committed this act of violence and inhumanity. However, Richard Kuklinski, is a special case who had a very abussive upbringing from his father. He did not only kill one individual, but over one hundred. He killed anyone who he thought would snitch or he just did not like. Richard did have one rule though, which was that he only killed men, he spared women and children. The victims that he was convicted of killing were, George Malliband, Louis Masgay, Paul Hoffman, Gary Smith, and Daniel Deppner. He got the nickname “Ice Man” from his tactic of placing the murdered bodies in industrialzed freezers for years so when he removed them they would look like a recent death. There is not a lot of evidence or information on the trials, but he was found guilty after an undercover investigation was made to convict him.

He eventually started working for the Newark's DeCavalcante crime family apart of the mafia. He killed for money, it was a job and a hobby to him. He came over to Manhattan from New Jersey to kill tons of people but the police thought that the homeless were just attacking each other. Inestiagtors started to catch on, however, Kuklinski was very smart and always changed his way of killing and desposing of the bodies.

The killing of Gary Smith, was when Kuklinski started to get lazy with covering his tracks. Richard and Daniel Deppner killed Gary Smith on December 23, 1982 at the York Motel. They gave him cyanide on his burger, but he was not dying quick enough so Daniel strangled him with a lamp cord. His body was found four days later under the bed. Forensic patholigist, Michael Baden, knew that the death was homicidal based off of the marks on his neck which made investigators suspicious.

Daniel Deppner was the third person to work with Richard, found dead which put up a red flag to the police. His body was then found by a bicyclist in West Wilford on May 14, 1983. A ranch that the Kuklinski family goes to was about five miles away from where the body was found. Louis Masgay’s body was then found on September 25, 1983 with ice crystals inside her body. Kuklinski tried to use his desposing method of freezing the body and then moving it years later. However, Richard did not let the body fully thaw, leaving evidence for the Rockland County medical examiner to conclude that the time of death was not recent because it was the summer time. Hoffman, Smith, Deppner, Masgay, and George Malliband were all found dead and they all had in common that Kuklinski was the last person to see them. This made Kuklinski a suspect of the killings and law enforecement started to track him down including detective Pat Kane who worked on trying to catch Richard for over six years.

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