Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina happens to be one the most devastating normal catastrophes hitting USA ever costing a total of 125 billion bucks, and leaving nearly 1000 dead. We must look at methods of preventing such a disaster. As here is the only problem, we could anticipate and perceive how dangerous a hurricane is but preventing one is a different matter completely.

The U.S. National Hurricane Centre (NHC) reported on August 23 that Tropical anxiety Twelve had formed within the south-eastern Bahamas it was quickly to be named hurricane Katrina, it absolutely was upgraded to a hurricane on the 25th of august, it hit land similar time lousing its power while …show more content…

Its clear there's absolutely no issue with perception or prediction whilst the meteorologist new in regards to the possible potential for a hurricane very nearly per week before it hit land, though it is hard to know the way much a storm can develop it will be possible somewhat.

It is clear what the united states needs to do in future to prevent harm and losing life as a result of hurricanes; they need to focus on prevention. It is not possible to end a hurricane but you can find measures which can be taken fully to reduce harm and increase solutions so inhabitants can escape the impending threat of natural disasters. Disaster prevention includes changing your house to bolster it against storms to enable you to be since safe as you are able to. It includes obtaining the supplies on hand to weather the storm.

“During a hurricane, domiciles may be damaged or damaged by high winds and high waves. Debris can break doors and windows, enabling high winds inside

Your home. In extreme storms, such as for example Hurricane Andrew, the force of this wind alone could cause weak places in your house to fail. “– from the wind hurricane information booklet

Three places in your home that are often damaged by hurricanes are the roof, windows, doorways, and you can find items that can be achieved to strengthen these areas to minimise harm. Firstly investing in a stronger roof by putting more beams and

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