Humanity Essay

The controversy from the play Hamlet is whether or not Evil had played a role in the text. Evil had had a large impact on the events that had occurred throughout the text. Humanity had showed the true colors of individuals and how it put together the Shakespearean tragedy which had created the tragic mystery.

Human nature plays a huge role throughout the play, “Hamlet”. Evil had played a part in the main structures of the book that had lead to the tragic ending. Evil often tends to blind the people receiving the harsh intentions and it controls the thoughts and actions that the victim initially intended to have. In the beginning of the play, evil is first presented in a somewhat subtle way. The ghost of King Hamlet made his first appearance which would change the entire plot of the book. Being one of the main sources of evil, the ghost had created a domino effect which had began the downfall for everyone.

Human nature is revealed in the play internally and externally. Being able to understand when evil had made an appearance internally takes some thought processing. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet was the first character to show subtle signs of evil from within himself. The first soliloquy Shakespeare had presented was a brief explanation of Hamlet wanting to commit suicide. “O, that this too too sullied flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew, Or that the Everlasting had not fixed His canon 'gainst self-slaughter! O God, God",” etc(Act 1 Scene 129-132). Of course Hamlet, a Christian man, and a firm believer that suicide was evil and unholy, did not follow through with the sin. This is an important piece in the play that had created a somewhat evil view of situations that had taken place in Hamlet’s life. With this being said, not being able to do what one desires to do, leads to acting out. Which Hamlet had a tendency to do. “Acting out” has many definitions depending on the situation and circumstances. For instance, according to, forms of misbehaving vary. “Harming or threatening other people, self harm, frequent tantrums and arguments.” But in this case, Hamlet has used his negative mindset and thoughts about suicide to create an evil reputation for himself. Humanity has a strange way of working. While creating the negative image for himself, Hamlet eventually lead other characters in the play to create chaos alongside of him. Not only did intending to cause harm on himself backfire, but so did hoping for harm on others.

With many characters adding to the madness, it is only right to give credit to the main source of the catastrophe. King Claudius played an enormous role in the play which lead to a mysterious tragedy. The murder of his brother lead us to believe that he was not only selfish, but also foul. Human nature works during the strangest of happenings. Claudius murdered his own brother to become the King of Denmark and with that being the main plot of the play, the murder was a prime example of Human Nature. Evil becomes more apparent during the time we realize who the murderer is. The new King of Denmark goes completely crazy once Hamlet finds out his mother’s husband had killed his father. He became obsessed with the thought of plotting another murder for his nephew who happens to be his new stepson.

Humanity has a certain way of playing out in certain situations. In many cases, it tends to play a negative role. In the Hamlet, Shakespeare is attempting to reflect on the influence that someone’s state of mind can have on the decisions they intend to construct in life. Hamlet, in the play was entirely obsessed with getting revenge on his uncle, King Claudius. After losing all enjoyment in life, the two major characters developed an additional personality trait, evil. With that being said, Human Nature presented in the read, controls people’s actions and emotions.

Columbia University had stated that “following human nature and indulging human emotions will inevitably lead to contention and strife, causing one to rebel against one’s proper duty, reduce principle to chaos, and revert to violence.” Rebellious behavior, chaos and violence played a crucial segment in the Shakespearean tragedy. Not only did the rebel come out of Hamlet himself, the death of his father lead to an extreme rollercoaster of events leading to everyone dying, but Horatio. Shakespeare’s work was a prime example of Humanity and gave spectacular illustrations of greed taking over and turning into something as evil and selfish as murder.

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