Human Resources Management: Health Care Center Essay

1. What skills and attributes do you bring to this position which would enable you to perform the role successfully?
2. In your role as Executive Assistant you will be required to handle confidential and delicate information. Could you tell us how would handle and communicate the information and what are the risk involved?
3. In this position, you will be placed in situations of competing demands (e.g the Clinical Director has asked you to complete an important document and one of the other member of Executive want you to scan and email an important brief to CE’s office. These types of demands are common, how will you deal with them?
4. Scenario: You receive a call from the Executive Assistant to the CE requesting an urgent response to a ministerial matter. The Clinical Director is engaged in an urgent meeting and cannot be interrupted. What would you do?
5. Communication is an important function of this position. Can you please provide an example of when you have had to communicate an important matter in relation to your work as Clinical Support Officer in the hospital ward and how it was achieved?
6. The Executive Assistant position requires an ability to work both independently and as part of the team. Could you please explain what you feel are the most important factors in achieving both of these skills?
7. The Clinical Director position is very busy, and often important emails, phone calls and correspondence and meetings are having to being dealt with concurrently. As Executive Assistant, how would you prioritise your workload? What would do if you were unable to keep up with workload?
8. If the Director is out of the office and your inbox is cleared, how would you use your time?
9. Other staff members from an area within service ring you separately to complain about each other, how would you manage this situation?
10. How will you demonstrate capacity to organize a high level workload and competing priorities in a professional and timely manner? Explain.
11. How will you demonstrate proficiency in providing secretariat support for executive meetings, including the preparation of agendas, minute taking and information distribution? Explain.
12. How will you demonstrate the ability to multi-task and provide a range of high level secretarial skills. Explain.
13. How will you demonstrate a highly developed key board skills, in particular proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint at advanced level. Explain.
14. How will you demonstrate highly developed administrative and organisational skills in office management? Explain.
15. How will you demonstrate an excellent written and verbal communication skills based on a computer focused approach, and excellent interpersonal skills? Explain.
16. How will you demonstrate a High level of initiative, flexibility and ability to work minimal supervision? Explain.


A clinical director is responsible for managing health care within a health care center. In order to manage and provide service to the patients, a clinical director must possess certain traits or qualities. To be very specific, a clinical director must have skills regarding management within the health center. Beside of management skills, a clinical director must have clinical skills also. Since the position of a clinical director plays a major role in a health care center, I would bring analytical as well as problem solving skills to this position which would enable me to perform the job role successfully. In addition to these skills, I would bring communication and interpersonal skills as well.

Response to question 2

I order to handle the confidential and delicate information, I will remain extremely careful about the importance of the information and accordingly I will not compromise with my ethics regarding the confidential information. I am well aware of data privacy rules and will follow them in practical scenario. During my previous employability, being part of the management team, I successfully maintained confidentiality hence I believe that I will be able to handle confidential as well as delicate information without any issues.

Response to question 3

One of my greatest strength is that I am a multitasked. I can concentrate on more than one task at a time. After being assigned with the tasks, I will categorize them on the basis of priority. I will complete my assigned tasks accordingly on a priority basis. At the same time, I will keep communicating with the higher authorities in order to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Response to question 4

I am confident about my abilities and I believe that I am enough confident about any tasks. I will be delighted to do the task that is of massive importance. Since my communication ability is of considerable level, I will successfully respond to the ministerial matter.

Response to question 5

I have gained several appraisals due to having a clear communication while serving for my previous job role. One instance can be given where I proved my communication abilities. As a clinical support officer I had to manage the entire workforce when a technical fault occurred within the workforce. I successfully communicated with all the employees and was successful to keep them calm while assured a quick address to the issue.

Response to question 6

In order to work independently and with the entire, the most essential ability in my point of view is flexibility. An Executive Assistant must work I n accordance with the circumstances. There can be situations where he or she is sometimes required to work independently while sometimes is required to work along with the team, in such cases, the concerned must have the skill of flexibility.

Response to question 7

Firstly I will jot down all the tasks to be done and then on the basis of priority I will create a list of the tasks according to the priority basis. I will make a plan how to complete all the tasks without having any delay. In case I fail in doing all the tasks within deadline, I will learn from my mistakes and will try not to repeat the same in future.

Response to question 8

If I left with no work, I will make use of the time reading books and watching video contents on how to better manage the organization while enhancing my skills and attributes.

Response to question 9

Before solving the issue I will try to know the actual scenario from a third person. After having the knowledge of the issue, without taking any stand I will discuss the issue with both of the members and encourage they come to a mutual understanding.

Response to question 10

I believe organizing is one of the most important traits of my personality. Hence in order to manage the workload, I will be very organized in my work. I believe that if I work in an organized way, I will be able to maintain my proficiency while complete the tasks in a timely manner.

Response to question 11

I am acquainted with all the jobs that have been mentioned in the. Before doing all the activities I will make a plan and work accordingly. For example, in order to prepare agenda for meeting, I will research in an extensive manner and communicate with the higher authorities.

Response to question 12

In order to do more than one task at a time, the ability one needs to possess is time management. I believe I have adequate knowledge of how to manage time since I have proved my abilities as multitasked, multi tasking and serving secretariat tasks would not be an issue for me.

Response to question 13

I am proficient with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel at an advanced level. However, I keep myself updated with the latest versions so that I can give the best to my job.

Response to question 14

In order to work as an administrator in office management, the skills I would require communication, understanding, patients, influence, decision making abilities, risk taking abilities, integrity and so on. I believe possessing these qualities I would be able to successfully deliver my employability.

Response to question 15

Since communication is an integral part of managing an organization, in my point of view, an Executive Assistant must have written and verbal communication at an expert level. The person needs to communicate over latest internet based communication medium such as emails, social media platforms and so on. However, communication over email is more professional than social media sites.

Response to question 16

In order to manage an organization, ability to take initiative, ability to work in a flexible manner, ability of supervision is the most important skills. The key skill behind these attributes in my point of view is confidence or self reliance, then only these skills can be achieved and the job role will be fulfilled.

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