Human Resource Management Practices Essay


Discuss about the Human Resource Management Practices.


Views of Human Resource Practices

Human Resource Practice is one of the central ideas that relate to the management of the recruiting and staffing process in an organization. The concept of implementing the best human resource practices, which were introduced by Geert Hofsteed in his theories entail the national cultural practices despite the diversity. It involves and asserts the notion of the culture that associates one individual with the behavior one displays in their organizational structure in regards to the characteristic assumptions of a certain place. The practices of Hofsteed in segmenting the heterogeneous and homogenous tendencies of the human resource has a cross argument posed by Brenden MacSweeney (McSweeney 2002).

The views of Mac Sweeney assert that the factors, which are considered vital for the dimensions of power system, can also be interpreted from a different context. I support the argument cited by MacSweeney due to the evidence of the alternative conditions that can be availed due to the limitations in the number of dimensions, which has been observed by MacSweeney (McSweeney 2002). The argument cites the reason that cultures cannot be treated as a unit since it cannot be always analyzed as a quantitative approach, which was one of the conventional traits of Hofsteed. Moreover, the factor of misjudging the whole community based on the evidence from a group of employees from a particular organization be applied and practiced. The accumulation of the diversities that have developed over the years have evolved in a drastic manner that have been The culture and the national values cannot be regulated within a limited data as it involves an extensive basis for analyzing a group of culture.


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