Human Resource Management: Motivational Policies Essay


Describe about the Human Resource Management for Motivational Policies?.


1. Different Theories of Motivation

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Supplement of Information for motivating the Employees
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Motivation of Employees at British Sugar Case
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Summary of Motivation of Employees at British Sugar Case
After reviewing the motivational policies of British Sugar, it has been found that the organization is lacking far behind in terms of motivation. The organization is trying to make their employees work at the public holidays as well with extra payment, which can prove to reduce employee commitment. The organization has only thought of increasing employee performance by little benefits such as remuneration, sickness payment and performance improvement plan.

It is suggested at British Sugar needs to implement fringe benefits for its employees, which will act as employee motivation. Financial figures will lead to more employee commitment and even if the employees are awarded share of profit at the end of each year, then they will respond more in performance. Therefore, it is recommended that the organization need to follow employee appreciation techniques to improve performance.

2. Cooperation of Employees

In order to keep the business progressive like a well-oiled machine, each and every department of the organization should work in cooperation with other. Organizations generally encourage dependency and teamwork within the workplace. The sense of dependency on each other creates employee cooperation and enhances the motivation level of the employees towards their job role (Jerome 2013). Many organizations in this modern age, play team building games for encouraging employee cooperation. Demonstration of role model regarding job and performing casual exercise, creates relaxed working environment from which employees learn about solving complex problem and assisting other in complex situation. Apart from that, organizations also provide cross training to the employees in whom they are provided with knowledge of each position in the organization (Banfield and Kay 2012). Cross training promotes high level of employee cooperation, as the employees can work in different departments together with other employees having knowledge of each department.

Stipulation of Contract of Employment

The employment contract of British Sugar Plc suggests that the employees have to work based on normal contractual weekly hours. The working hours in a week are 36 hours per week. The organization have the right to change the working hour and shifting of the employees according to the business needs. Annual Salary of the organization is paid monthly and the remuneration of the employees of this organization is based on the pattern and grade of the job. The employees may also have to work in Christmas and New Year if needed by the business. However, the employees get additional ?210 before any statutory deduction. The terms and condition of the employees are affected through collective agreements with trade unions (Hayes 2014). The employees get leave of 26 days in a full year. If any employees become absent of 7 days due to sickness, then they have to submit a medical certificate to the HR manager of the organization. All the employees of this organization have to treat equally each other working in the organization. Internet policy demonstrate that emails of every employees is checked each time for ensuring that conversation on emails are only about employment and not about outside matters.

Managing Contracts of Employment

At times when an employee fails to follow the policies of the organization, he is classed as authorized and dealt with the organization’s disciplinary policies and procedure (Al Ariss and Crowley-Henry 2013). The organization can also be withheld the sick pay due to deviation from the policies of the organization. The employees are advised to read the policies of descried in Business Management system POL-HR-007 that demonstrates all the procedures and right of the employees. Thus, the employees will be led to manage the employment contract. The information regarding the policies is given to the employees during their induction time that make them aware of the employment contracts and manage it properly. Apart from that, the employees many also charged with penalties for not maintaining the employment contract that also leads the employees towards properly managing it.

Disciplinary Measures

Disciplinary measures of British Sugar demonstrate that all the employees should behave in a fair and consistent way through maintaining all the policies of the organization. If any employee seems to do any misconduct in the organization, he will be charged with criminal offence. Misconduct of the employees are happened in terms of contamination of products, failure in complying with equal opportunity policy, deliberate damage of property, physical violence at work, unauthorized access of information from company database and many more (Wong 2013). If any employees seem to do any misconduct, he would be given a notice. If the offence is not so serious, the employees are provided with verbal notice. On the other hand, if the offence is so serious then the employees conducted the offence are provided with written notice. Investigations are arranged for ensuring the justification of the offence. The employees conducted the misconducts are provided with investigation notice before the investigation is started. If the offence seems to be so serious are done by the employees intentionally, they are suspended and their salaries are deducted.

Employee Involvement Technique

According to the case study, the employee involvement techniques that were found are below.

Personal Development Plan (PIP)

Work with the employee to develop an improvement plan and ensure the appropriate resources are made available to assist the employee in their improvement activities

Conduct regular review meetings for the duration of the agreement

Provide honest, constructive, timely feedback and reasonable support on an ongoing basis


In the concerned organization, the employees are paid according to performance. At the time of public holidays, the employees are asked to work for extra hours against extra payment. Moreover, there is paid sick leave, paid list of holidays, which involves employee participation.

Organizational culture of British Sugar

While analyzing the case study, it has been found that British Sugar follows authoritative culture. This is because the employees are compelled to obey the organizational policies and certain strict rules. There is very less flexibility and employee motivational programs.

Community links

At present, the organization does not have any community link but if it has such links in future, then the organization will become more familiarized with different stakeholders in the market, which will eventually increase the mode of business progress. More number of people and classified audiences will be able to get in touch with the organization, which will enhance the corporate sustainability.

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