Human Resource Management A Contemporary Essay


What Is The Importance Of Human Resource Management Within An Organization?

What Is The Role Of Human Resource Management Within An Organization?

What Benefit Does The Organization Achieve From HRM?



managing people within an organization for maximizing the performance of an employee with appropriate strategic objectives (Kehoe & Wright, 2013). It is identified that the profession of HRM plays an important role within an organization as it deals with various issues that is associated with compensation performance management, organization safety, benefits, employee motivation and more. It mainly plays a strategic role in managing people and workplace environment as well as culture.

Source of secondary data:In this plan, secondary research method is utilized. It is identified that secondary research data are generally collected with the help of journals, reports of business, public records as well as statistical documents

  1. research questions are as follows:

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  • Importance of Human resource management
  • Benefit gained from HRM
  • Role of HRM within an organization

Summary of the articles: According to Budhwar and Debrah (2013), an organization cannot build proper team of working professionals without proper HRM. The main key functions of HRM team are to recruit, train, and manage performance appraisals, motivating employees and more. On the other hand, it is stated by Sparrow, Brewster and Chung (2016) that proper HR department is very much important to an employee-oriented workplace in which the employees are engaged.


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