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The aim of the current report is to identify the issues that are encountered by the TechSoft Company. The report will also aim to identify the root cause of the HR issues that have been encountered by the company due to poor level of management. There are various issues that are related to HR department. Additionally, there are various Non HR issues that are also affecting the performance level of the HR department.

In a subsequent section the report will provide Strategies and evaluation method that the TechSoft Company can apply in order to deal with the HR issues. It is also important to evaluate the strategies with the help of literature support. There will be various parameters that are applied in order to evaluate the existing strategies. In the final section, there will be few recommendations that are provided with the help of the results of the evaluation of the HR strategies.;

Identification of Problems

The main issues that have been encountered by the HR manager of TechSoft are due to the fact that the HR policy of the company has been implemented without the consultation of the HR manager. The functioning of the HR manager is limited to implementing the strategy rather than taking part in the making process of the strategy. The Company is currently facing financial constraints due to economic crisis in the market. Hence, the issue of the financial department is directly affecting the functioning of HR department. It is important for the company to cut down cost on the human resources and employee salary. Hence, they have to modify the policy of Human Resource Department. There has been lack of motivation among the workers, which have compromised upon the level of performance. The company has also encounter the employee turnover rate. This has caused major financial loss of the company. The company also has not been able to provide perfect training to the workers and hence, they are not able to gain the skills that are required in the workplace. Garc?a-Carbonell et al., (2016), have mentioned in the context that it is important for all companies to motivate the workers by providing Training programs, which is needed to lower the employee turnover rate and also encourage them to persist longer duration in the company. Being a software company it is essential for TechSoft to provide high level of training in order to improve the level of skills within the workers. The Software market of the current day is undergoing Rapid changes. It is essential for the companies to regularly improve upon the skills of the workers in order to maintain sustainability.

Out of all the issues that are encountered by TechSoft, the major issue in the context is due the fact that the Chief human resources officer Natalie and Sheila have not allowed to take part in the strategy making process of HR department. The CEO of the company, Dennis has blamed the poor performance level of the department entirely upon the Chief human resources officers.

As per Malik (2016), it is important for the company to ensure that the workers of the Human Resource Department including the HR manager and Chief Officer take active part in the process of strategy making. This will help to ensure that they are able to implement the process and also improve upon the level of performance level of the workers. The high rate of employee turnover within the company has also been the major HR issues. This has not allowed the TechSoft Company to make use of the potential of the workers, whom they have employed.

It is believed that the financial constraints of the company are the root cause of all human resource issues. Due to the issues in the HR department, it is not possible for the company to provide high quality of customer support service. As the cost of the employees is reduced, it is not possible for the company to have high level of working motivation. The workplace reputation of the company is also at stake.

Strategies and Evaluation

The primary strategy that the Tech Soft company needs to implement is to Improve upon the efficiency level of HR functioning. Lack of participation of HR managers and officers are one of the most prime concerns of the company. As per the report of Anwaar et al., (2016), as the job market is filled with competition, the efficiency level of HR department and HR manager can make an important impact at the bottom line organisational structure. In order to better develop skill in the company, it is essential for the company to have effective strategies for the HR department. Haider et al., (2015), have added in the context that HR functioning process needs to be linked with the operational activities of other department of the company. This can help to have a better level of coordination among different departments and will develop business plan can be implemented. With the rise of challenge in the workplace, it is one of the essential that most of the have effective skilled workers to deal with all the major challenge. The HR department can process in house talent Development strategies or even build multi generational terms, in order to strengthen the process of organisational learning. It is also possible to have customised solution for all the issues as the HR leaders and in the best position to assist the CEO in all types of strategic planning activities.

The subsequent strategy that the TechSoft needs to implement used to increase the human capital efficiency. The company is currently facing financial constraints. Hence, with the help of this policy, it is possible for them to improve upon the cost efficiency ratio of the workers. The training that are provided to the workers need to be done in short scale basis. This will help to ensure that there is low scale of turnover among the employees. The talent development process of the employees can also help to improve upon the organisational performance (Dickmann et al., 2016). It is essential for the CEO to discuss the key elements related to human capital efficiency. The chief executive officers of the HR department have better level of understanding regarding the matters related to increasing human capital efficiency and improving the skill level of the workers. They can also suggest the CEO about other ways that can help to improve the cost efficiency ratio of human capital. Piening et al., (2014), have suggested the Strategy of streamline recruitment, which can help the HR manager to ensure that only best capable workers, having the ability of quick learning skills are recruited within the organisation. The officers of the HR department need to have focus on the metric measurement that can have better level of working talent within the organization.

After implementing strategy, it is essential to properly evaluate its efficiency with the help of multiple criteria. The quality of the strategy is dependent upon the extent to which the problem is being solved. As the HR managers of the TechSoft Company are taking part in the process of strategy development, it is possible for them to suggest the root cause of HR issues. Hence, it is possible for the company to develop upon the non HR issues that are directly or indirectly related to Human Resource Department functioning. The strategy is also feasible due to the fact that the HR manager of the company to have the skill to involve in the major decision making process. With the help of their skill related to data management, it is possible for them to suggest essential steps that can be implemented by the company to overcome both HR and non HR related issues.

Nevertheless, as the current culture and organisational structure of the company do not give much priority to the HR officer, this strategy may not fit within the existing culture of the company. However, it is possible to reduce the cost of the company who is already facing financial constraints. This can be achieved due to the fact that the HR managers have decided to implement human capital efficiency planning method. In spite of the fact that the training program that is needed to deal with major issues, involves high expenditure, there is high chance that it will be accepted by the employees. This is due to the fact that it will encourage them to learn new skills with in the workplace and have personal development. The strategies are also reversible as it can undergo modification in the future as per the requirements. As the cost of the labours is decreased, it may not be ethical for the society to accept these strategies.

Conclusion and Recommendations

It is essential for TechSoft to identify the root cause of HR and non HR related issues. This can help them to implement effective strategies with the help of the HR department.

As the CEO of the company, it is the duty involves the function of HR in all the major strategy building process. It is important to mention in this context that with the help of HR department it is possible to identify the gap of skills among the workers. It is also the duty to provide respect to the chief executive officers of HR department and also take their opinions. They also need to be given priority before implementing any important business strategy in practice.


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