Human Dignity And Common Good Essay


Discuss about the Human Dignity and Common Good.



The study of the common good for all people in the society helps undergraduate students especially in the bachelor of education upheld human dignity. The education sector is faced with numerous issues which make the profession challenging. Some of the major matters relating to human dignity are high levels of indiscipline, slowed approaches to motivation, stress and mental torture, and improper cooperation among the key stakeholders in the industry.

In my observation, there have been increased levels of indiscipline amongst the students whose cause is drug abuse and poor morals learned from their parents and the society. With high rates of indiscipline, this has translated to poor performances in schools, cancer that keeps mounting pressure on the teachers by the public.

The current school leaderships have taken initiatives of imposing punishments and suspensions to the undisciplined students. However, this has not been enough to eradicate the behaviour. In my opinion, once I get to the profession, I would continuously advise my students on the importances of being morally upright and also showing discipline by being a good role model.

Some of the students are faced with mental and emotional stress whose primary cause is poverty and being undermined by their teachers. Poverty affects the psychological functioning of students, and this directly affects performance. Some of the teachers in this profession have gone further to inflict more pain on the students by frequently sending them home for school fees or even discontinuing their education.

Being a student of critical and creative thinking, I understand the importance of valuing human dignity as well as what damage stress does to people. When I get into the profession, I would always encourage my poor students not to feel like that is the end of life for there is still a great hope of tomorrow. Further, I would be considerate to find sponsors who would cater for the schooling of poor students.

The education profession comprises of different parties who to some extent tend to disagree on some matters; these parties include teachers, parents, and the students. Most of the times, some school heads are not ready to welcome any ideas, opinions, and suggestions from these other principal parties and this creates a situation of disagreement among the stakeholders.

As a professional, I would always welcome any idea, suggestion or opinion given by students and the public since their input may have a valuable impact in proper decision making. Ignorance of other people's contributions to the success and excellence of an institution leads to failure.

In most of the times, teaching is viewed as a profession that does not pay well. Due to inadequate compensation and other allowances, the teacher's unions keep on going to strikes to demand their human rights, and this profoundly affects the education sector of any given country. However, some of the school heads act like they do not recognise their rights and go against the strikes.

Being a student of education, I fully believe that one day I will be in the profession and I will suffer the same problem. In this regard, I fully support the acts of striking teachers but again feel that they should consider various factors before deciding to call for a strike. A teacher is a reasonable person, given the economic problems in a country, he or she should have intellectual empathy and think outside the box that if salary is raised, what will be the overall effect on the economy.

Communication plays a significant role in solving any existing problem within any educational institution or college. However, some of the school principles make decisions from the top management and give orders to the students to follow, something which the students should have been consulted to give their views. Due to this, a conflict is created resulting to students striking.

When I get to the teaching profession, I will always welcome and value students suggestion regarding certain aspects so as to avoid the effects of students striking within the college since the recognition of human dignity neutralises the common good of people.

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