Human and other species Essay

Woman is a person belonging to the female category of human anatomy. The reason I chose to do this topic is because the world has become one patriarchal society where women constantly suffer everyday against this disguised misogyny.

Over the past few years as we see many steps are being taken to raise more awareness on woman rights by people. In ancient times India hi du practice called satti or suttee where a widow was required to burn herself in the memory of her dead husband. This practice was practiced in a great amount in 15-18 century when it is said that almost 1000 widows were burned alive every year. This practice was held with or without the consent of the widows they were forced in it as those hindus believe that there is no use of the widow without her husband. It is said that over the centuries many people trued to put a stop on this ritual as in 1500, Mughal Emperor Akbar tried to prohibit people from performing sati, and in 1663, Aurangzeb tried to end it again. Then again when the British came they tried to put an end to this but they were unsuccessful until 1987 when the “Prevention of sati act” was announced due to the incident which occurred in a small village of Rajasthan known as Deorala where a 18 year old girl was forced to perform suti and when she refused to perform the ritual a group of men from the village made her do it forcibly but later those men were captured. Even though suti was banned after that widows in some areas still performed sati by there own choice there were said to be 4 more cases of sati in between the years 2000-2015. Moving towards the 19th and 20th centuries due to the nationalist and independence movement, these two really changes the position of women in the society. Women started to step out of their houses and experience things in outside world.In addition to this the education of women became famous in the nineteenth century.[1]This also helped increase the literacy rate of woman in India which is said to be 66%. Further more as we see over time there was much progress made regarding the awareness of woman rights. India has raised one of the most powerful female politician like Indira Gandhi and now only in politics woman have gained much power in buisness

world as well many companies have female CEO’s and not even that many woman have had jobs in other departments in buisness world.[2]

Even in SaudiArabia many steps are been taken to create more awareness about woman rights as previously we see Saudi Arabia mainly had no rights for woman but as time moved on many steps were taken to change that. The first school for female opened in riyadhDar knows as Al Hanan, which started in 1955.Moving further the first university for female opened in 1970.In previous years women were not allowed to have ID cards but that changed in the 21st century when in 2001 although women had to get permission from their guardian to make them but that changed in 2006 when they were allowed to get their ID card issued without permission. Before 2005 women were also forced to get married to a person without their consent but that also got changed in 2005 when forced marriages were put to ban. As time passes women started to get jobs and make there position better in the society, King Abdullah appointed the first female minister to Saudi Arabia's government in the year 2009. Noura al-Fayez became the deputy education minister for women's affairs. In addition to this Saudi Arabia allowed first female athlete to participate in the olympics in 2012 whom included the girl Sarah Attar which ran 800 metre race wearing a headscarf in london. Saudi Arabia also allowed woman to ride bikes in 2013 in recreational places although it did state for a man relative to be with them. In addition to these in 2015 during the municipal election in Saudi Arabia women were granted the permission to caste votes and also get chosen in election, according to the Saudi polls, 20 women were elected to municipal roles in the absolute monarchy. More onwards in 2017 the first female was chosen to be the chair person of stock exchange in the history which was Sarah al Suhaimi. On October 29, 2017 it was announced that women would be also allowed in sports stadium prior to the fact that in the past only men were allowed. In the recent time of September 26, 2017, ban on woman driving was also eliminated and now woman could easily get driving license and drive on their own without the company of their male guardian. Now saudi women have also the ability to check their marital status online as for previous time they didn’t know when there marriage had been ended and now they could also go to court to get a copy of their divorce certificate.

In other countries for example USA woman rights have evolved to a extent and woman have gained many powerful position in our society. the U.S. rates 28th out of 145 countries in an annual world ranking of equality for women.

As we take a look at political affairs in USA woman have successfully prospered as we can see in 2007 a girl named Nancy Pelosi becomes the first female speaker of the House. Further in 2008 Alaska Governor Sarah Palin becomes the first woman to run for vice president on the Republican ticket. Although Hilary Clinton did lose the election to Barack Obama she still fought fiercely in election to become the president of America. Also in 2013 The ban against women in military combat positions was removed, overturning a 1994 Pentagon decision restricting women from combat roles. As we move on in 2016 Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic presidential nomination, becoming the first U.S. woman to lead the ticket of a major party. Despite political world woman have also prospered in buisness world Just 20 years ago, there were no female CEOs of 500 companies, according to the Pew Research Centre. In January 2015, Pew counted 26 women which was 5.2 percent which were the CEOs of companies. As for the company boards women were 10% in 1995 but according to the data the rate increased to 17% in 2013. In November 2014, women accounted for nearly half of the U.S. workforce which was 47 percent. The number of working females of the age 16 and older steadily grew for three decades, increasing from 39 percent in 1965 to 60 percent in 1999. Furthermore woman have accomplished many things in the buisness world currently a female named Kylie Jenner has ranked the youngest self made billionaire of all time.

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