How will the proposed study contribute to your career? Essay

The course “Bachelor of Vision” which I have chosen to study in Australia is not being offered by the universities in Fiji. Acquiring education in Australia means upgrading my initiative aptitudes identifying optometry studies.

Like any developing country, Fiji is overwhelmed by socio-economic problems such as poverty, inadequate quality health services and under distribution of resources which affects its development.

The proposed study would largely guide my professional career and shape my future having a great impact on my personal development and my community.

Fiji is a developing country and therefore investments in any form such as a foreign education, infrastructure, tourism industry will allow Fiji towards economic prosperity and overall welfare. Currently there are only 6 optometrists providing limited optometry services to a population of 916, 137. The proposed study will train me to effectively treat patients from a variety of social and cultural groups, ages and conditions. The programs provides clinical experience with works ranging with complex instruments. This experience is extended with opportunities to participate in off- campus activities that focus on prevention and treatment within the wider community.

Upon graduating from my bachelors, I will be able to prevent and reduce all sorts of eye disorders, promote eye health and conduct future campaign throughout Fiji.

The proposed study with it brings global opportunities with Australia which is indeed beneficial for both countries especially Fiji. Studying optometry abroad will allow me to develop new relations with other healthcare specialists which will in return allow global competency.

Fiji and Australia relations can be important as in communication with other healthcare specialists from Australia will help Fiji to develop in this particular field (optometry). And this can be achieved by organizing campaigns, providing healthcare services etc.

Studying optometry is what has kept me captivated since my late teens. Being able to do or study what you are passionate about is what keeps me motivated towards my goals. Acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills will build my self-confidence as a female and enhance my individualism. Financial security and personal stability is what I aim to fulfill with my studies.

Becoming an expertise in my field will allow me to expand my horizon positively impact on my nation. My ultimate goal is to provide meaningful work making a difference in the life of others

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