How to Write an Introduction from an Interview Essay

Sometimes the best essays are written directly through the source. Meeting reports enable you to obtain information from a primary supply through his own words. Your job should then compile the meeting product into an organized essay that provides info on the topic in a manner that is compelling and paints a portrait associated with the interviewee. Write an introduction that sets the tone for the essay and includes your thesis declaration.

Start with an interesting reality or description concerning the individual you interviewed. This immediately offers a context for the interview and grabs the reader's attention. Like, you could begin with, «John Smith has the face of a saint, with eyes being gentle and attractive.»

Explain why you chose the interviewee by transitioning into a sentence that explains on reader why she should care about your subject. Including, from description provided in Step 1, you could continue with, «And yet, behind those kindly eyes will be the memories of a killer sentenced to death twenty years ago, but nevertheless alive since the legislation enables him to file for multiple remains of execution.»

Conclude your introduction with a powerful thesis statement that establishes the objective of your interview essay. Your thesis declaration should inform a reader what to expect in the torso of the essay. Including, when your meeting was about the ineffectiveness for the death penalty, your thesis declaration could be, «The death penalty can't be a fruitful deterrent if inmates on Death Row are never performed because of endless opportunities to postpone justice.»

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