How to Write an Analogy Essay

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By Isaiah David

An analogy compares two unlike what to illustrate typical components of both. An analogy essay is a protracted analogy, which describes a very important factor in considerable depth by comparing it to a different. Analogy essays may be used to talk about nearly any such thing, providing the author can find an evaluation that fits.

Action 1

Come up with an analogy. One half of the analogy could be the thing being explained, as the spouse is the explainer. Including, in the event that you said growing up is similar to understanding how to ride a bicycle, you'd be describing one thing complex and discreet (growing up) with regards to one thing easy that your audience is acquainted (mowing the lawn.)

Action 2

Dra vertical line down the midst of a piece of paper to divide it in two. Using one half, write faculties associated with the explainer, as well as on others half, the explained. Try to complement the traits. Including, training wheels might be much like being forced to have countless supervision whenever you are young.

Action 3

Write a paragraph speaking about the explainer. Begin with a statement like «Growing up is much like learning how to drive a bike.» Then explain the stages of understanding how to drive a bike.

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Step 4

Write a paragraph speaking about the explained. Focus on a statement that provides a synopsis of just what both share. Within the example above, in ways something such as «Growing up additionally involves getting greater and greater freedom as you become more confident.» Then explain the actions of the explained in a manner that parallels the explainer.

Action 5

Discuss the differences. Sometimes there clearly was a very important aspect of the explained it doesn't match up aided by the explainer. As an example, in the above essay you sooner or later totally learn to drive a bike, nevertheless never stop growing up and learning brand new things. You might want to draw awareness of this crucial difference.

Things you may Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Computer


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