How to open a garage door with no power Essay

Have you experienced being trapped behind the garage door? Or to your cars, motors and other vehicles you may happen to own? When you have an automatic garage door which functions conveniently without needing you to be engaged manually with it is truly a luxury. But then, even if you have an automatic garage door, and haven’t before experience getting trapped inside it because of bad weather, then you’re a lucky one. And still, not a guarantee that it might not happen to you in the future. Well, we are not hoping that it will happen to you, but it can be a possibility.

So, instead of worrying such things, why not learn how to open your garage door manually? Better play safe than cry later. So, here is the thing, you happen to be trapped inside the garage with no electricity at all and bad weather? How could you save yourself from such scenarios?

Or, how about this one, there is a sudden cut in the power supply so you need to open your garage door manually.

Make sure it is closed and not open

Then, first thing’s first. Make sure that your garage door is in the closed or down position before attempting to disconnect.

Why not open?

If in certain cases, you happen to experience power interruption while your garage door is still wide open, then we believe you might need some professional help. Do not intend to do anything manually especially if you have very few actual knowledge to zero at all in how to deal with it properly.

Anyways, it is not much a problem to leave your garage door open when is power supply being cut when compared to having it closed down, right? Well, at least you are not trapped because it is open.

Another thing why we advice to never do anything with open garage doors is because disconnecting the door wall in an open position can be a very dangerous thing to try especially if you are no expert at all.

It is recommended to have your garage doors in down position because that way, if ever you happen to have a broken spring, then chances are, the doors may crash down and may smash into something or anything that is currently in its way. It can as well be dangerous. Make sure to do it with careful measures and making your safety the topmost priority.

Look for the red rope

To disconnect your garage door manually, you need to look for the red rope that is attached to the trolley. The trolley is the thing that stays with the garage door. The attachment point, on the other hand, connects the trolley to the rail. When you pull the red rope, the trolley will disconnect from the attachment point and which allows you to manually open the door up and down the rail.

On the trolley itself, you may notice that there are two positions in there. The first one is the spring loaded area with the rope attached to the disconnect. If you wanted it to disconnect, you may pull the rope down and if you wanted it to stay disconnected that way, pull the rope and towards the motor so it will stay that way.

The second position is to reconnect, to do so, pull the rope down and towards the door in order to free the lever. And that way, you may now lift the door to re-engage the trolley to the attachment point.

That way, you had successfully opened a garage door with no power.

Knowing how to do this may as well be helpful for you especially for emergency purposes such as when the power suddenly turns out.

For your own good, you must be aware and well-informed on opening your garage door for other purposes. Just like for example when you are outside and you came home and figure out that the power is out. The thing is, your garage is your only entry to your house.

If such scenarios happen, you don’t really have to worry. Because you may still be able to open it by releasing the lever from the outside. All you have to do is to place a shim at the top of the garage and a clothes hanger to help the lever flip, thus opening your garage door.

Of course, theft may as well do this for other purposes and intentions. But this is just emergency techniques just in case you happen to be faced in this kind of situations in the future. At least you have an idea as to what to do and how to react with such a crisis.

Or if you are confident that any of that is going to happen and now worried because of the possibility of someone breaking in into your home, then you may install a security shield to keep an unauthorized individual from trespassing.

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