How to make money when you’re a minor Essay

Today, I am going to share a subject that will please many people. I know that a lot of people who follow me are quite young. So I go in this article to give you tips that will explain concretely how to earn money when you are a minor.

I go in this article from the least interesting solution to the most interesting. Let's go.

How to make money when you are a minor through learning.

Well, I still had to present this option but clearly I'm not a fan. If you do not know what it's all about, it's all about studying in a particular field and working at the same time with a boss.

In return for that you will be paid but we will say that it is not the craziest thing. I really speak to you from experience. Often you do a lot of hours of work for very meager financial results. I do not say that to criticize, of course. I'm just trying to find the most profitable option.

In this solution, the good thing is that you will not only learn the trade theory. You will practice in business and that's pretty cool. Well, often, it is possible that we do not leave you too much responsibility.

Of course this option is only possible for adolescents over 14 years. This is the legal age to start working.

Make money when you're a miner doing odd jobs.

It is not forbidden when you are young to do odd jobs to the right on the left. It must of course be authorized by your parents and by law.

For example, you can offer different services to your neighborhood. On this subject, I would like to tell you a little personal anecdote.

When we were young (my brothers and I), we would ring at several doors in the neighborhood. We offered our services to weed for example alleys etc. In general we went to elderly people who did not necessarily have the strength to maintain their own garden.

In this way, we made a little bit of pocket money, we helped people and everyone was happy. Of course, do not do this in hard mode (like 8h / day). You would simply come out of the framework of the law that prohibits moonlighting.

Another idea, always in the same style, you can also propose to mow the lawn or to cut trees. You do not have to be an expert to do that.

Make money by selling the material you no longer use.

If relatives sometimes offer you things, clothes, it is very likely that some of them are no longer of any use to you. It's exactly the same thing for clothes and shoes that are no longer your size.

Instead of just keeping them to fill a cupboard, try to get rid of them by reselling them. You have plenty of sites like the good place that allow you to do it completely free.

Earning money when you're a minor by caring for animals.

It's a trick that works extremely well especially during holidays. I advise you of course to talk to your family before coming to your home escorted by an army of cats and dogs.

If you have the green light, here is what I advise you to do.

Just drop an ad on the right corner indicating that you offer your pet care.

I invite you not to put the price necessarily because it will vary depending on the animal to keep. For example, caring for a labrador takes much longer than simply keeping a rabbit in a cage.

Indicate the animals you accept. It will save you from receiving unnecessary phone calls.

All these things I speak to you for a simple and good reason, I know them. One of my little sisters is a fan of this kind of service. As an example, this summer she kept a cat three weeks to earn 150 euros. It is rather a nice sum seen that the owner had taken care of all the food.

At 16 years old it is rather nice to receive 150 euros (especially when you do almost nothing) .

Make money when you're a minor by raising animals and selling them.

Here I will present a solution that can really bring a lot of money (compared to your age). The raising of animals in a personal capacity can be very interesting especially when you do it in the canine field (the dogs). It works also for purebred cats that are expensive.

Go again a family example. My little sister whom I talked to you about before has a Chihuahua. She decided to make it profitable. This dog being a female had a litter of 3 puppies.

These puppies were resold 1000 euros each as they are of race. I let you imagine the rather interesting sum she received after deducting all the costs (not huge considering the size of the dog).

By cons it seems to me that in the d

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