How to have a beautiful little face? 10 face-lift methods in life Essay

1. Exercise method:

The effect of exercise weight loss is all-round. If your face is really "swollen", a lot of perspiration after strenuous exercise can help the water to be quickly excreted.


First, try to blow up your mouth like a bubble, hold on for ten seconds, and then try to pry your mouth and hold on for 10 seconds. Can reduce the fat on the face.

Second, slowly look up, look at the sky, open the mouth, the tip of the tongue is sent upwards, adhere to 10 seconds; withdraw the tongue, close the mouth, slowly lower the head, repeat 10 times, can reduce the jaw of the jaw.

Third, the mouth is slightly open, the mandible moves left and right, repeated 30 times. Just stick to it 2 or 3 times a day.

Chew slowly and chew 30 times on both sides of the food.

Many people will ignore the effect of eating habits on face-lifting. In fact, the salivary hormone produced by chewing can help activate the brain and make the brain more active in the metabolism of the body. Moreover, foods with high chewing fiber content, such as celery and coarse grains, can prevent constipation and keep the body light and light at all times.

In addition, the bite of the teeth will also make the muscles of the whole mouth move. The incorrect chewing method will not only affect your well-balanced face shape, but also make the gangs become particularly prominent, so that even if you eat less, it is a pie face. .

The correct method of chewing is: It is best to eat a bite of food on the sides of the teeth for 15 to 25, and to chew slowly, so that the face shape is more and more scalloped.

2, diet :

Eat more fruits and vegetables that can be swollen and damp, such as melon, in three meals a week. If your face is obese due to muscle buildup, please reject chewing gum, sugar cane and other foods that exercise your chewing muscles, because they only make your facial muscles stronger.

High potassium meal makes the face smaller

High-potassium foods that help eliminate small face edema, and foods that help normal teeth chew and bite are indispensable for face-lifting.

Potassium can promote metabolic function in the body, eliminate the problem of facial swelling caused by improper diet or living habits. High-fiber seaweed, tofu, dried bean curd and green vegetables are all intimate treasures of small faces.

3, bathing method:

High-temperature bathing is a good way to lose weight. It can also be thin face when bathing at high temperatures. You can sit in the bathtub at a temperature of 38 ° C every day, water deep into the heart, and massage the face with face cream, bath time is 20 minutes.

4, facial weight loss exercise :

Aerobic massage: During the massage process, it focuses on stimulating the eyes, sun, Sixiaguan, and cheek car. It can effectively prevent facial fat.

Prepare for 3 minutes of aerobic exercise:

The first step, from the forehead to the temple, press 3-4 times with both hands;

The second step, the middle finger and the ring finger alternately tap the sides of the nose, repeat 1-2 times, then massage the cheeks in a spiral manner, from the lower jaw to the lower ear, the ear, the nose to the upper part of the ear massage, repeat 2 times;

In the third step, the thumb and the index finger are used to alternately pull the lower jaw line, and the left and right sides are reciprocated 3 times. In the fourth step, the neck is gently lifted from the bottom of the palms.

5, professional face-lifting method:

Most professional beauty salons set up fast face-lifting services, the effect varies with the way, you can choose according to your own situation. The face-lifting effect of the beauty salon is unquestionable. Just choose your beauty salon and face-lifting method to carefully consider your own situation and make choices. Don't leave any regrets. The current beauty face-lifting method includes facial liposuction: inserting a liposuction tube from behind the ear to remove excess fat from the face; facial plastic surgery: the doctor will cut a small piece of bone on both sides of your cheek, so that the original is too round The lower jaw became sharper and the entire face became a duck egg face. It sounds easy, but remember to be cautious; facial injection of botulinum toxin: This is a toxin that causes muscle atrophy. It works quickly and is not harmful to the health of the body, but its shortcoming is easy to recover after half a year. These methods sound terrible, and people who choose must be careful!

6, finger pressure swelling method :

The acupuncture points that make the cheeks swollen are the hearing points, the big welcoming points, and the cheeks. Since these acupuncture points are difficult to remember, we can massage the finger pressure according to the following method to achieve the function of pressing the acupuncture points.

In the first step, the thumb is close to the lower part of the humerus, and the force is pressed vertically downwards by about 2 cm, and the force can be lifted upwards, and then the finger force is relaxed;

In the second step, the middle finger and the ring finger are close together, and the force along the lower edge of the humerus is pressed down to 2 cm in parallel and then to the top. In the third step, the four fingers are close together and tapped on the acupuncture points on the cheek;

Finally, the four fingers close together and touch the cheeks, clockwise, from the inside out.

Note: The above acupressure massage is suitable for two days. Excessive or excessive force massage may result in slow nerve conduction or muscle looseness and contusion.

7, makeup face method:

If you feel that exercise massage is too hard, and feel that liposuction surgery is too painful, use this method. In addition to the trouble, the effect is good!

The eyebrow shape is arched, thin and tall, and then the eye shadow is elongated with brown color, and the effect of the two eyes is outlined from the end of the eye;

The nose roots are straight and straight;

The lip shape is enlarged, the lip peak is clear, and the lower lip is thick and slightly square;

The cheeks are browned with natural shades, and the three-dimensionally clear facial features are immediately highlighted. There is a thin face in the mirror!

8, lymphatic massage face-lift method:

Facial edema is caused by impotence caused by qi dysfunction. It can be used in professional beauty salons to clear the edema by clearing the passage of lymphatic massage.

9, wash your face:

Change the way you usually wash your face, wash your face with warm water and cold water to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

10. Other:

Such as drinking tea, drink a cup of oolong tea (or coffee) to quickly discharge excess water on the face; cold compress, wrapped in ice with a hand towel, applied to the edema of the eyelids for 3 minutes, to use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to reduce swelling, etc. It is a good way to quickly lose face.

Summary: In fact, face-lifting is not as difficult as imagined, as long as you pay more attention to your diet, and then do more face-lifting exercises, you can also have a small face!

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