How to get bitcoin Essay

Where can I get Bitcoins? Many of us, think Bitcoin finds just like that we are looking for atoms with the naked eye. Although I understand the benefits of using them, because it is a digital currency, it is difficult to prove the appropriate cost. So, that why I am here to tell you whole processor of How to get Bitcoins.

Hello Friends, I am Rajeev and in this blog I am going to teach you about “How we get a Bitcoins”. And before we starting “How to get bitcoins”. I want to tell you about benefits of bitcoins and what is bitcoins

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What is Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is the world first decentralized digital currency. Compared to other options, a Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be sent over the Internet.

Advantages of bitcoins: -

1. Bitcoins are passed directly person-to-person via the internet without going through a bank or any other medium.

2. This means you will not have to pay any extra money. Like : - Tax

3. Your account cannot be frozen.

4. You can use them in every country.

5. And there are no prerequisites or arbitrary limits.

Top three Ways to get Bitcoins: -

Bitcoin today. I want to talk about the three main ways to quickly buy bitcoin in dollars. All of these beginners I realize that most babies don't know that How to get a bitcoin. Literally, you can buy Bitcoin for $100, which will provide about 0.013 at current price. You know it's changing, but in general, you know it’s always changing but roughly it will get you that amount.

1. is currently the exchange currency that is encrypted at what they call the highest rate and is sent to another wallet in a matter of seconds. You can easily buy Bitcoin on your Visa or MasterCard. So if you have $200, you can redeem about 0.02 hits. On, you can only enter your Bitcoin address. This is where you receive bitcoin. Confirm that the address already exists and click Continue. The cost of the service is approximately half of the fee for When using Visa or MasterCard, the credit card fee is also 5%. There is a 5% commission for at least $10. However, since the estimated time required for trading is very fast from 10 to 30 minutes compared to other exchanges, we will use it.

Pros and Cons: -


a. Giving a discount on Visa and MasterCard.

b. Take less time as compare to another.


a. Taking charge on every action.


The Coinbase is the world's most popular way to buy and sell bitcoin Ethereum, which is the most popular form. This may be the most popular site to buy Bitcoin, but it will take some time to confirm. Since they are insurance in New York State, I know that you have to give up your identity, because of your security.

Pros and Cons: -


a. Insured by New York.


b. Takes many documents.

3. is also outside the US, which is one of the lowest rates. It may be the one I used to buy and sell bitcoin. and I recommend it. It is one the best and cheapest way to get bitcoins.

Pros and Cons: -


a. Cheapest price and fastest service.


a. Ban in United State.

Let’s look at, How Bitcoins Works: -

Bitcoin is generated on the Internet by people running the free app Bit Coin Miner. For mining, each currency requires a certain amount of work. This amount is automatically adjusted by the network to always create Bitcoin at a predictable and limited rate. If you use online banking when transferring Bitcoin, the minor will verify the digital signature and add it after storing it permanently and anonymously on the network. Bitcoin software is completely open source and anyone can check the code. Just as the Internet changes publications, Bitcoin is changing the money. When everyone can enter the global market, a wonderful idea is born. Let's look at some examples of using bitcoin today.

You can buy video games, gift books, servers, alpaca socks. There are several types of currency exchanges, and you can change your bitcoin in dollars, euros and more bitcoin, which is a great way for small businesses and freelancers. Be aware that you will not be refunded any fees or charges if you start accepting no fees, and you will receive the first bitcoin extra business from the Bitcoin economy.

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