How to decontaminate how to decontaminate your house when someone is sick Essay

When a member of your family suffers from a viral infection, it can be common for all in the family to get affected and fall sick. Germs from the sickness are passed on to household items if the home is not decontaminated properly. Hence it is very important that you decontaminate your home in the right manner to avoid spreading infectious diseases to all at home. At times you may be confused whether to decontaminate the whole house or only certain items. Read below to know our valuable tips to help you decontaminate your home. To understand how to decontaminate your home, it is very vital that you understand the different sources of germs and viruses at home. Sources of Germs at home: Kitchen: The germiest place in your kitchen is probably the kitchen drawer, especially if you are into the habit of storing your cutlery without properly drying them. Besides this, the fridge could also have many nooks and corner which require you to clean it on a daily basis. Knobs of stoves, dish sponges, rags and appliances should also be cleaned on a regular basis. Bathroom: The bathroom of your home is also a major source of bacteria and germs. The virus from a flu and cold often sits on the brim of sinks, the commode, drain trap and these areas could provide prefect breeding grounds. Remote controls: The uses of electronic devices like television remotes, mobile phones, headphones are easy carriers of millions of microorganisms invisible to the naked eye. When the same items are used by other members of the family, there are high chances of all catching the same virus. Pets: Your pet’s bedding area is another top spot in your home that invite viruses and germs. Besides, if you don’t have a separate bedding area for your pet, its safe to say that you are getting yourself exposure to more germs and diseases. How can you decontaminate your house? There is nothing more important than your family’s wellbeing. Hence, it’s always best to get a team of professional cleaners that understands the sensitivity & risks involved in the decontamination cleaning process. At Bio Cleanse Services, we ensure that the affected site is decontaminated in a safe manner and restored to an inhabitable state. Our service areas are Sydney, Goulburn, Canberra, Batemans Bay & Regional NSW. We assure you that our decontamination cleanup process is highly effective!

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