How successful people think Essay

poor person's mindset and that

of a rich individual because it's the

many small things that set these two

apart in the long run to answer Banshees

question your mind is something you can

develop just like a muscle it needs

constant exercise in order to give

better results most successful people

use long term thinking while everyone

else is carpe diem inge successful

people plan ahead this allows them to

trade the boring present for an

interesting future the biggest

difference is in their ability to plan

and execute based on these plans whilst

almost everyone else is just winging it

things get serious once you break down

how exactly you're going to achieve your

goals it requires discipline focus and a

combination of other skills which not

everyone has mastered they focus on

progress not perfection they know that

the best time to start was yesterday and

the second best is right now times will

never be perfect so why wait start right

now and make some progress

they don't look at failure the same way

as everyone else they actually need

failure in order to acquire data which

in turn makes them better

smarter stronger we almost went into a

full Daft Punk reference there they

don't expect someone else to solve their

problems for them and instead take full

ownership of everything that is

happening in their lives they are

constantly adapting and learning in

order to maintain

a good grip on how they're evolving they

trained their minds to come up with new

ideas constantly but know that ideas are

worthless without execution they always

look for the long-term solution instead

of patching the problem they would

rather spend the extra time and solve it

indefinitely so they don't have to deal

with it in the future when they look

around themselves they don't see

perfection but a work in progress the

same goes for when they look in the

mirror they have a set of values that

lay as a foundation for everything

they're building the large majority of

them have a positive outlook on life

meaning they're optimistic about things

getting better with time and effort

while everyone else is looking for the

shortcuts the get rich easy paths

they're the ones actually building and

moving ahead the most popular video on

our channel is called 15 things poor

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the most controversial piece of content

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the things that people don't like to

hear we even made a follow up with 15

things rich people do that the poor

don't just to illustrate the difference

in approach mindset and behavior if you

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honestly successful people just want it

more than everyone else when most people

choose to spend their time relaxing

those who are meant to be successful are

putting in the work you don't really see

the struggles to get to the top you're

usually just shown the end result the

magazine cover the luxury car but nobody

talks about the sleepless nights of

constant worry about how you're not sure

if you're going to make it another 30

days when it comes to how successful

people think they're strong internally

and their minds push a little bit

farther than everyone else

John C Maxwell has a really great book

that shines light on this actually it's


how successful people think it's like a

buffet of

and ways of looking at life with great

examples of how to adjust your thinking

no matter what you're going through in

life right now you'll find something

that applies to you

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