How I Am Going To Accomplish My Goals Essay

My lifetime goals are divided into two categories mid term, and long term. Mid term, within two to five years, I plan on learning as much as I can about starting and managing a business. I would also like to learn as much as possible about finance and marketing, which I find to be two of the most interesting aspects of the a business. Other mid term goals would be receiving my undergraduate degree in business from the college I attend, and searching for a good job. Long term my goals would be to become a successful businessman, and becoming a whole, well rounded man with a strong character with the possibility to sustain a happy and stable family. However, to accomplish my lifetime goals, first, I must first accomplish my short-term goals. My short-term goals, thing I plan to accomplish in around a years time, are finishing high school with good grades my senior year and getting into a good college.

My first academic activities and recourses in achieving my goals are my high school classes. Not only do they help with my goal of learning as much as I can about business, since it is very important for a businessman to read, write, and have extensive math and problem solving skills, but they also help with being a well-rounded person, because I am also taking science, history, art, and a language, so I have well rounded knowledge about different kinds of subjects. Also because I must study and work hard to pass my classes and learn all that I can, they help me develop my character, and become a more whole person. Lastly, if I work hard and get good grades my classes they will help me get accepted to a good college. Also, to make sure I am well prepared for college, I have taken several college level courses with the AP program at my school, and I am also taking a personal finance dual credit class at my local community college, so that I can get a head start in learning about finance, and get a head start on my college degree. My other academic activities that I think will help with my goals are my summer activities. I have been to several different summer programs. Freshman year I was part of a volunteer group that went to San Antonio, Texas and worked at a shelter for underage illegal immigrants. Sophomore year I went on a trip to Italy with a program called “Leadership Training Program”. We traveled around Italy talking to the owners of some of the most successful Italian business. They taught me a lot about running and starting a business, and about the character necessary to make it successful. Junior year summer I participated in a youth legislative which helped me develop better people skill, and gave me the ability to get my argument across more clearly. These are not only skills that help my character formation, but are also important business skills. I also went to economics camp junior year, which is a very important subject when it comes to business.

My non-academic extracurricular activities are my work experience and school clubs and sports. I have worked at McDonald’s, which not only gave me work experience and a resume, but also character formation. I have also worked at my dads company inputting data into the computer, helping map future routes for his employees, and running office errands, and that helped me obtain more business experience. I have played soccer at The Highlands School since seventh grade. This has taught me perseverance, hard work, leadership, and kept me healthy, which are not only important factors in being a whole well rounded person, but also in business. I was also part of conquest club all through middle school, which is a religious leadership program at m school, and this year I have rejoined as a counselor. This will teach me how to be in charge of others, how to be a better leader, how to work better with other people, and how to be a better teacher. Lastly, last year I helped run the pro-life club at the Highlands. This gave me some insights on how to run a business, which helped prepare me to run a business, and also taught me to stand up for what I believe in and be a better leader in my society.

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