How employers can reduce healthcare costs Essay

So Richard what do you see is the biggest problem for employers regarding the group at events think the same problem we've had for the last 15 years reigning skeet are high and we keep going up higher higher and quarters like that money control collection but what happens is that every year you sit down with your inner agent whereas you do he brings in your current program and two three four other choices the only thing is consistent about them is that all the premiums are higher than working so you have absolutely no ability that you have absolutely no ability to control that so the premiums have been rising about eleven percent per year the last ten years ago and employers simply can't invite that's that's unsustainable we end up with this in the end of a situation where that there's no there's no hope in sight especially with Obamacare all of us the changes that are better that's the biggest one we do we just keep going up well given that is there anything that an employer can do about that something they should be able to have some choices right you've got a head versus I mean and that's and that's the problem is that you have to figure out how you can gain control what we look you're doing you have to have an ability to be able to to be able to handle something so you know what your futures pick you up let me give you an illustration apparent to something that your other ways for making the cost of gas you all have to buy gas and prices the gas keep going up higher and higher higher they have no control but we do have some control over how much we use so if you take some actions like you get a car that has better better mileage you carpool you live closer to the closer for you work you make some action like that and you end up with an immediate reward you pay less for gas and you're able to take some action as we total amount of the future health care should be like water but it's not unfortunately but we end up with what we have is a situation that is really perverse it's a situation where you have absolutely no control over the content cost of cost of care and you have an earlier situation where you do not know you how to do it unless we create programs programs perhaps within your organization to have some control well that makes sense that so so how do you do that how does an employer do that typically they're having the Holy Insurance Program and they're paying premium and no matter what they do to free and goes out here that's that's that's very true what you do is you have Center number of different levels not it's not your typical typical programs a museum you can create our ground nearby these soybeans have the ability to change the way that you're that new programs talking done you should have airplanes to the right things to pick up you should not be a bit to be able to take that tender fat transfer in the good health translated into yoga premiums ok like servicing you after this traffic situations now create for the females vehicles we have companies are actually staying here may you and your employees for taking the life event direction and they'll do that and give you a lower premium because they know but if you have your the biggest preventive action that you won't have chance to hear or as prostasol or march points and they'll do that is pretty low Earth electricity is do they know those planes will still work attire if their poverty give you those premiums we also have programs where you're able to increase the deductibles and a very safe three or four the company will employ the courage but you keep moving if you don't use so we implement programs that are able to reduce those bodies enzymes has a ball program within your uncle to really keep the money instead of getting an internship ready they have mobility of control room across not a sound for the CBO to Siliconera cost but also a inclusions so that means you know rules come out triangles on your actions of instruments well that sounds well and good but I think it sounds also complicated to most choices what do they do that how do they make use of this idea that yes that's what we did that's what you do as a company we have the systems we have programs and products those we are able to be able to implement those very easily for us any case different programs are set in place and we have the strata staff and resources in some items can open it so it becomes easy and simple can better best best of us is that so in an HR director or a VP of Human Resources that maybe not sure about this kind of programs in talking about can feel pretty confident in saying that they'll fit into the organization they will be able to save money and you guys will take care of all the details that make it work that's probably when they will end up with Leslie because end up being working very closely with me Louise those that want that wish to participate in these programs to da best they are in the news enemy that takes some work off of these two are directors

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