How does popular culture affect fashion in the uk Essay

The rise of globalisation and has had an integral impact on internet and there is more choice on what consumers spend their money on. ‘This phenomenon leads to the introduction of global consumers that are active and because of this, retailers are making money by meeting their needs.’ (Byrnes, 2007). Globalization involves bringing together global interconnectivity and global consumer culture. Globalization main purpose is to achieve an intercontinental distribution of products, organizing global consciousness.” Culture is no more fixed to a particular area or community because of widespread access to vast amount of information” (Byrnes, 2007). With the bringing together of global culture and interconnectivity a global society is developed that has unlimited access to the vast size of information that can influence the fashion industry. Since then, many cultural aspects have been incorporated into western culture. “Some of the typical known examples include garments that are worn by any individuals, the hairstyles of African origin worn majorly by celebrities and influential people with likes of Kim Kardashian West. Some alternative spiritualities have been criticized for having an appropriation of indigenous cultures however, the global marketplace has made it easier for different races to make different adaptations to these cultural influences through their own interpretations. This is supported by the study by Possamai (2002) argues that “appropriation is not limited to a particular culture.” The study goes to describe that “consumption is a much bigger phenomenon that is not necessarily confined to history but has the potential to extend to contemporary popular culture.”. The result of incorporating consumption related ideologies globally has resulted into a ‘global consumer culture’ A global consumer culture refers to ‘A social arrangement between the lived cultural experiences of everyday life in which individuals depend on symbolic and material resources which is mediated by markets’ (Arnold, 2015). In a study by Paek et al. (2004), they found out that “consumerists values and developments of a positive attitude on an aspect were more common among young people, those who are well educated and those with financial means.”

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