How do you create your taste with the help of wall stickers and paintings? Essay

An important part of a classy lifestyle is home décor. The way you design the interiors of your home often speaks a lot about you, your taste and your class. Often these home decors items are easily available through various online stores and you can use them to give stylish and a very quirky look to your home sweet home. Here are some suggestions for you so that your interior is unique compared to the others:

a. Sports Lover: If you love sports and if your religion is cricket then you can never forget your God in this religion. So, why not let the world know a little bit about your love for your God, Sachin Tendulkar. Have a wall sticker of Sachin Tendulkar in your living room with one of his famous comment. It will not damage your walls and at the same time, you can apply it very easily on the walls.

b. Art lovers: If you have that artist inside you who can acknowledge good artwork by other artists then you should decorate your walls with the canvas paintings. Often the canvas prints are of high definition quality that comes with the exclusive artwork of an artist. You can have religious paintings or paintings by greatest artists such as Van Gogh and others along with the folk paintings on the wall. Often it’s better to have one large canvas painting than going for too many of them as it will look clustered and clumsy.

c. For the Kids and the Lovers: If you are having kids in your home then you should go for some funny wall stickers such as the Batman stickers or the funny giraffe stickers that will bring lots of positivity in the interior of the kids room and they will love their room a lot and will also try to keep it clean as well. If you’re a newly married couple or if you think that special charm of love is slowly going away from your life then rejuvenate it. Decorate the walls of your bedroom with something, like the Radha-Krishna home décor paintings or with the paintings of the red cherry blossom trees or couples on a long walk in a forest or somewhere far from the maddening crowd.

Home décor not just speak a lot about your taste but they often bring out your emotions very tactfully, so that if you cannot speak for yourself they will speak for you.

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