Hotel & Hospitality Management: CITY INN Essay


Description of your idea/recommendation – what is the loyalty/CRM program? What are the features? Does it need software or other CRM program to track data? If so what is the cost? What to customers get?


In this project, the topic is based on the CITY INN hotel Khulna Bangladesh that provides better services and makes higher prices in the existing hotel. Talking about the background information, the location of the hotel is in B-1, B-1(Ka) Mojid sarani KDA C/A, Khulna. The managing director is Md. Alamgir Hossain and the panels of directors are Salina Akhter and Md. Wahidur Rahman. The total land is 30 decimal and the owner of the land is City inn ltd. The website of the hotel is It is a 9 storied and 3 star international standard hotel. Here, the number of rooms is 106, which includes 2 presidential suits and 35 executive suits (Goodey). The employees are around 170+8 and the occupancy rate is from 50% - 60% corporate business, 15% travelers, 5% group travelers, 15% leisure and 5% others.

CRM is a software program that covers a broad category of applications and software designed to help the business in managing customer interaction and customer data. It also access business information that automates marketing and customer data on managing employee and partnership relationships (Tohidi and Jabbari). It is observed that City inn hotels do not provide loyal programs because this tool does not provide customer to business relationship. In order, front office can be a part of CRM to track data if there may be a focus on front desk’s attention to provide training tips and measuring the results to facilitate the revenue streaming. Depending on the features, region, additional requirements, and optional features, CRM can cost free or it can be of 1000$. Customers get CRM by purchasing online and modifying it to generate business (Yack). To improve the hotel requirements, CRM would make plans, integrate better customer satisfaction, and increase revenues of the hotel through monitoring, segment targeting, giving referrals and making better decisions with the reports. Additionally, when cricket match is organized, most of the revenues come through advertising process. Moreover, when cricket players do not find bars in Bangladesh, they have to order from liquor shops to drink. The specific idea is to implement a CRM that will help to change the system and monitor improvements in hotel requirements. The idea should be implemented for better customer satisfaction. The hotel is solving the problem to improve its CRM, which will increase better facilities in terms of revenue, customer loyalty and market share.

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