Horoscope: the hidden secrets of the zodiac Essay

The perfect and analytical virgin always seems to have everything under control, but her biggest secret is that she has a great deal of difficulty getting a grip on life.

Virgins always seem to carry the hard world on their shoulders, just like crabs. Scorpions get scared when other people come too close to them. They do not trust anyone. But what about the invincible Aries? What are they most afraid of? What can freeze the heart and soul of a twins or lions?

You will be amazed what hidden secrets the zodiac signs have:


The ram can not stand it when he quarrels with the people he loves most. He always pretends that he does not care if people go out of his life, but the truth is, he repents of any quarrels and wants those people back in their lives. He hates losing people who mean a lot to him.


The bull is really afraid that nobody wants him and that the people who mean something to him are easily forgotten. He keeps asking himself the question: Do I have anything to do with someone?


They try to adapt to every situation and be friends with everyone. They change themselves for other people and do it rather than to stay alone, because to be alone they find extremely scary.


The cancer tries to be happy all the time. He fears that if others do not see him happy, they will be disappointed. He wants no one to worry about him, no matter what it costs.


Believes that no one can love him and that everything that goes wrong is his fault. He tries to be strong and to pretend that he does not care, but deep down he is probably the most sensitive person you will ever meet.


The maiden struggles to control life. It seems she has everything under control and everything is fine, but in reality she’s having trouble coping with the day. She finds it difficult to stay positive.


Can not be without lovers. She has to invest her time in other people, otherwise she just concentrates on herself. She hates dealing with problems, hiding them and pretending that everything is alright.


Is afraid to get too close to other people. He loves when others trust him, but has a problem with trusting others. He fears he is driving people out of his life, but he does not know how to solve this problem.


Will only love and be loved. When he has none to love, he begins to be hopeless and fears that he is not good enough for other people.

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The ibex tries everything to get to the top. He does not want deep connections with other people and that’s why he’s afraid he could stay alone forever.


Aquarius does not always feel what he thinks. Most of the time he starts a relationship and realizes later that he can not feel any emotions for his partner. That’s why he thinks that something is wrong with him and therefore hates himself.


Do not really have a clue what they could do. The fish are always dreaming and feel better. They are always lost and confused, but seem to be in control of everything.

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