Home decor Essay

We all love a well-styled home. Who has time to chase down what’s hot and not in decor, however? Let along the time (and budget) to chase trends? No need to worry further- we’ve not only brought you the trendiest decor of 2019, we’ve also got practical tips on how to bring some of that vibrancy into your home with minimum effort and cost.

Artisanal chill

If the word artisanal makes you roll your eyes, don’t worry! It’s just the trendy way to say ‘unusual’. 2018 was packed with people rediscovering the beauty of ‘statement’ pieces- a velvet pillow here, an intriguing lamp there. 2019 has taken the idea and run with it. Swap out the mass-market, cookie cutter pieces in favor of something that supports small business and local artists. It’s a pretty awesome trend, really, giving fantastic scope to support your local community crafters as well as express your own individuality more clearly. And you can bring a little of it home without much effort. It could be as small as a special ornament, or interesting throw pillow. Anything that screams ‘you’.

2) The indoors, outdoors

Oddly enough, this one started in the corporate arena but has seeped over to home decor too. It’s also got some solid scientific backing, too. People just seem to do better in environments with some natural elements to them. For maximum wellness benefits, try to open up your space with natural light and a plant or two to freshen the air. And if you’re in the mood to revamp a little, carry the trend on with natural colors and textures. Indulge in that funky floral print, or the crisp, cool natural linen tablecloth you were eyeing. There’s nothing wrong with an ‘edgy’ vase of twigs and grasses, either- and they’ll last longer than classic flowers, too.

3) Understated opulence

Who doesn’t love a little luxury here and there? For years bold metallics like gold, brass and copper, and fabrics like velvet, were on the decor no-no list, classed as ‘dated’. They’re back with a bang, however. It’s another trend you can bring in for cents on the dollar, too. Swap out your cupboard handles for next to nothing, or toss a rich velvet throw on your favorite chair. We’re seeing more and more of a resurgence from ‘bold’ colors too. It’s best not to overdo them if you’re in a small space- muted tones do tend to keep things feeling airier. But there’s no need to stick with only boring neutrals if you’d like to bring in a little more color to your day. It’s been the cool blues and greens to date, but there’s a swing to rich reds and ‘millennial pink’ this year.

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