Hitler Essay

unconsciously, implicitly or explicitly, directly or indirectly, seek some measure of power and control in life. To assert our will in the world and to influence what happens to us and others. However, Hitler, like so many victims of physical or sexual abuse during childhood, may have experienced an extraordinary sense of helplessness and powerlessness as a boy, stemming mainly from his poor relationship with his exceedingly domineering and controlling father. It is frequently this terrifying feeling of total helplessness and powerlessness in childhood that drives what Nietzsche called this exceptional "will to power" later in life. As depth psychologist Alfred Adler pointed out, such tragic circumstances engender "inferiority feelings" which, in the form of "increased dependency and the intensified feeling of our own littleness and weakness, lead to inhibition of aggression and thereby to the phenomenon of anxiety." In turn, this becomes what Adler referred to as "masculine protest"," consisting of a compensatory striving for superiority (to counteract feelings of inferiority), aggression, ambition, avarice and envy, coupled with constant "defiance, vengeance, and resentment."

So Hitler established the National Socialist Program, also known as the 25-point Program or the 25-point Plan, the crimes that Nazis committed were linked to a system of belief and a set of practices. Nazi ideology was synonymous with Hitler's worldview, Adolf Hitler announced the party's program on 24 February 1920 before approximately 2",000 people in the Munich Festival of the Hofbräuhaus, the provisions of Hitler's program were prepared to attract anyone and turn them from one direction to the other, calling for "in short": to take more Settlements to house more Germans, the citizens are the original Germans only, and the Jews are not members of society, Non-citizens can only stay in Germany as guests, the right to vote for citizens only "Jews are not citizens", all non-Germans must be expelled immediately which was completely racist. Months after these items were announced, Hitler and his associates announced that they had sworn to death for these items and would not waive any of them at any cost.

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