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Discuss about the Hilton Hotels And Resorts.



The report will discuss in detail about the Hilton Hotels and Resorts. The company provides a great combination of luxury as well as best amenities. The company is a result of sheer hard work of founder named Conard Hilton who initially planned to establish a bank but later went on to buy hotels which in the present is a huge brand name in the business of hospitality all across the world. In an earlier time, the name was Hilton hotel which later became a brand and known as Hilton Hotels and Resorts (Chathoth, 2016). The company was established in the year 1919 and up till now, it is functioning and considered as a huge chain of hotels. Headquarter of the company is in Virginia. The company also has a very strong base of the network in countries like US and UK. The company is slowly expanding the base in many countries. Currently, the hospitality business is booming due to which there are so many competitors as well.

Micro analysis of Hilton Hotels and Resorts

Following is the detailed discussion: -

  1. Suppliers: the suppliers are the people who impact the reputation and profit, and this is why maintaining a cordial association with the supplier is important. The supply management team can grow some strong partnership to discover some great sustainable products (Chathoth, 2016). The company is also able to get most of the products on domestic front from a local team of suppliers in more than ninety countries. The overall success is based on the maturity of domestic market and support system along with quality as well as the quantity of supplies.
  2. Customers: the chain of hotels offers a range of services like family based packages to spaces for events for the different theme of parties along with a wedding. There are many other facilities for the local public this is why the target markets are people who are looking for some break for a small period, tourism, leisure as well as business motives.
  3. Competitors: the brand carries huge scales of branding and makes it challenging for many small firms to survive in the market. Therefore, the threat of new market entrants is quite low, and the company offers many programs to stay ahead in a competition like loyalty program (Harper, 2016).
  4. Media: the website of the company is the vital as well as the main source for any information for the public. The website also engages with the media depending on the hotels all across the world.
  5. Intermediaries: these people are always considered as a major force in businesses like Hilton. Some customers are not completely aware of the right manufacturer and mainly obtain the services and product from the popular companies. The company buys the raw material from good distribution firms and make sure that moving stock is on point and align with origin and destination (Dev, 2014).

Macro analysis of Hilton Hotels and Resorts

Following are the important factors for macro analysis:

  1. Political factors: the stability in political area is a basic need for the success regardless of what industry is there. In hospitality industry specifically, factors associated with politics can impact the number of different visitors both business travelers and tourists in direct or indirect manner. For instance, a delicate political case of Ireland may impact the decision of many potential visitors not to visit the region. Also in countries like the UK, the country is branded as a place where many extremist groups stay, and there is the threat of some terrorism in that area. It may impact the number of visitors in the area (Bailey et al., 2014). The company is also known for engaging in the process of lobbying to be able to impact some political factors that further impacts the business to a certain level.

Yearly lobbying budget of Hilton Worldwide

  1. Economic factors: there are global, as well as national macroeconomics cases as well as factors that impact the case and there, are some important factors that affect the brand. For instance, Olympic in 2012 in the UK when many hotels were completely booked, but things changed after the Olympic. Also, there were many direct outcomes as well with international based financial as well as the economic crisis in 2009. Due to which the sales went down and the level of profit also went down. However, many years have passed, and this is why global economic, as well as a financial crisis of 2009, the economies all across the world, are improving. However, the GBP exchange rate and other relevant currencies along with inflation rate in the country show important factors that can affect the performance of the company (Bailey et al., 2014).
  2. Social: the hotels provide hospitality at international level, and the services are given as per the needs of consumers. The chain of hotels also gives revenues too much community foundation that serves the whole community at the time of need, and this way add more amount of value towards social accountability.
  3. Technology: there is an app of the chain of hotels which provides the facility of browsing for the availability of rooms, paying as well as booking on the app. The chains of hotels spread across more than eighty countries as well as businesspeople are regular customers. This is why, facility of Wi-Fi is increasing, and there is loyalty program as well (Cortese and Sahli, 2015).
  4. Environmental: the company is facing constant and strict regulation to reduce the overall carbon footprint, and this has resulted in increasing the operational costs for the organization.

An operational area of Hilton Hotels and Resorts

The company makes sure that the employees are efficient enough for the operations of food as well as beverages outlets. The front desk is also able to provide an excellent experience for the guest and the members. The manager handling operations also monitor the overall appearance and the level of the team. Following are some of the highlights of operations:

  1. Efficient level of operation for food and beverages outlets as well as front desk.
  2. Complete control on the flow of consumers as well as orders
  3. Management of all the work at the time of service.
  4. Making sure that the outlets are properly staffed as per the levels of business.
  5. Supervision of the appearance, performance, and standards of diverse team members with the focus on the overall quality of guest associated services as well as hospitality (Phalippou, 2014).
  6. Increased sales based revenues with the help of up-selling and many marketing based program.
  7. Management of requests from a guest in an efficient and timely manner.
  8. Dependence on the security of hotels, fire based regulations and all safety related legislation.

Current promotional marketing strategy of Hilton Hotels and Resorts

The company is the well-known name in the industry which selects distinct activities for promotion to assist them to stand out from the crowd completely. The company also provides a selective membership for the people. There is a team of dedicated people and staff aiming at the marketing strategies to base the services on a new kind of marketing based indulgence. The best is also followed in diverse marketing strategies of the company, and the motive is to keep track of outcomes based on any strategy which has provided a strong feedback for the promotional strategies (Roper, 2017).

Customers experience practices of Hilton Hotels and Resorts

The company is known for its hospitality as well as luxury services. The chain of hotels has a facility to provide deluxe rooms, bar as well as restaurants. The company along with being a tourist ultimate place to stay, it also serves as an answer for many events and business conference. The company looks for some travelers as well as business related guests, and it is considered as a perfect place to conduct many business meetings as well as events. There different rooms that are specifically crafted with some amazing level of diligence along with the advanced level of amenities. The food and drinks are exotic on the menus and are considered as a delight for the consumers (Salvioni, 2016). There are loyalty programs and membership discounts as well with some facilities like different room options and free Wi-Fi. Along with it, request on arrival is one of the popular features for distinct room facilities as well as d?cor.

Sustainable initiatives implemented by Hilton Hotels and Resorts

The hospitality industry is facing a lot of criticism these days since it is blamed for polluting the surroundings, specifically at many tourist attractions. There are complaints of high carbon emission with a negative impact on the issues of global warming as well. Hilton has accepted that the company huge energy levels, as well as carbon emission and, have also created companies to reduce the level of pollution as their response (Cruz, 2015).

Also, the hotel has also announced that the company will further higher extra veterans for up to 20,000 people in number who will be dependents or caregiver in coming future. The organization has also achieved hires of over ten thousand people from the military in the US from the year 2013. This way, the company has exceeded its initial objective of two years and placed it ahead of its set schedule. The company has also combined the level of commitment and is considered as the largest among hospitality industry as well as one of the biggest in private sector of many countries.


The report has discussed in detail about the chain of Hilton hotels and resorts which are considered as an extremely popular all across the world. The brand Hilton is one of the biggest international hospitality organizations in the world. The company covers many fronts like the lodging sector from luxury full-service hotels. The company provided some mid-priced suites as well along with extended stay and from last so many years, and the company is offering services to leisure as well as business class travelers some of the finest experiences, values, amenities and services (Wang et al., 2016). The company has dedicated to continuing the tradition of providing some of best experienced for guest all across the world. The vision of the company is to also fill the world with some warmth and much-needed light of hospitality since they can create some remarkable experienced all across the world.


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