High sea piracy at indian ocean Essay

Maritime Piracy is an illegal activity that has caused severe economic damage on the global trade of goods and commodities. It is believed that sea piracy was established when human started using the sea for trading. Piracy consists of kidnapping for ransom, robbery and stealing of valuable items like oil, cars, weapons and drugs. The sinking of ships is also a part of an act of piracy and the majority of these incidents have occurred in the Indian Ocean.

There are brilliant ways to protect ships from Piracy such as ships patrolling should be started at high risk areas to reduce piracy at an extreme level. Radars should be installed in ships for defending purposes. It is important to take measures for safety. Aerial support should be used to improve information and security. The speed of boats should be high in high risk areas and most importantly the crew should not disclose the route to anyone. Proper communication should be there between the crew members for enhance safety. There must be a proper plan to move out safely from the high risk areas.

Protection of merchant ships and its crew members is an important requirement due to increased threats from pirates across the world. Armed guards must be there to protect piracy act. Concerned authority must be there in the ship to watch out for activities going out there. There must be proper checking at the ships.

In the past, pirates were sentenced to hang till death and then their bodies were often left for certain days to instill fear in the pirate’s crew. Unless there is fear in the minds of the pirates of a punishment as huge as death penalty, the crime will not reduce. I believe lifetime imprisonment or death penalty must be enforced by law on sea robbers. However, for self defence alone, on spot pushing the pirate to sink is no crime. Authorities must impose high fines to the person who acts piracy. In order to protect one self, I believe it is justice to have a pirate on board be sunk at sight.

Sea piracy is a serious crime and it is therefore the responsibility of the government of every country to make specific laws and rules so that the pirates are given strict punishment including life imprisonment and imposes high fines. One of the reasons of piracy is unemployment. If people were busy doing their fishing jobs and earning good money, such crime would not exist. Other reason is greed. According to me, it is the duty of every country’s government to create employment amongst people and also to keep a check on illegal activities taking place around the sea shore. Thus, piracy can be removed from its roots and there could be brotherhood and peace in all countries.

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