High Education In Nursing Essay


1. Education Level and Current Job Market?
2. Higher Education level and its effect on Role in field of nursing?


1. Education Level and Current Job Market.

Baccalaureate degree is a four year course in a college for nursing. As the objective of IOM is to increase the nurses with Baccalaureate degree to 80% by the year 2020, It means that there is a huge requirement of nurses with high level of education. It does make implicit sense that, if I increase my level of education and get a Baccalaureate degree it would enhance the chances to get a good job (Coxwell, G., & Gillerman, H. 2000). The current market has seen a drastic rise in requirement for quality of nursing service to patients. Even this has been highlighted by the IOM in its recommendation to double the nurses with a degree of doctorate by the year 2020.As a next step if I can proceed to the level of doctorate from baccalaureate in the next few years that the chance that it would be relevant to the job market at that stage (Davies, P. 2002) . For nurses it should be a lifelong learning phase and it is always good to enhance the learning with the passage of time (Oermann, M. 2006). As this is also a recommendation by the IOM it would be beneficial to continue learning and upgrading the education level.

2. Higher Education level and its effect on Role in field of nursing.

Once the desired education level is reached it would help in defining the future in nursing. As there are shortage of nurses across the world, there is a huge amount of demand of quality nursing professional. With the higher education level, there would be lots of different roles which can be played like being part of nurse based innovation (Hassmiller, S. 2010). Nurses are the best person who knows how to provide best quality of care at very low cost. Another role which needs better education is research department, Nurses can contribute in races across the medical stream. The educated nurses can play a role of mentor and help the future or junior nurses to help serve patients better (Nursing Education, Continuing education 1998). The nurse can pick up the role of a teacher to groom others. The other field where an educated nurse can contribute is to support the physical in providing a high level of care. An educated nurse would know about technology, hence would be able to provide details to others on how to use technology in patient care. It is taught how to handle people from different racial group nurse with higher education would be able to help people with different racial groups in an effective way. The Nurse can be a leader in some of the well defined programs which could be related to bedside etiquettes. An educated nurse can also help in providing information on programs about reduction in medical error, as they have dealt with patients very closely (Oermann, M. 2008). There are many other different roles which can be played to help healthcare professionals in their field.


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