Heart of d Essay

Section 1

1. Benefits this structure provides is that it lets the setting of the story have more clarity. It also provides the audience of the story with before and with after of how the story is being said.

2. To create a sense of comfort and peacefulness, Conrad describes the thames river and the boat. Elements that contrast the serenity is him having the characters talk about their disappointments with their lives.

3. Marlow is different because he “needs the sea”.

4. I think most readers would see Marlow as joking. He puts him out to be naive.

5. Marlow’s attitude towards this is that not being able to get a job as captain, he went to try to get one from a family member

6. The doctor measures his head. The meeting affects Marlow because he becomes nervous.

7. Marlow is depicted as someone witb goals. A person who wants to make a change.

9. I think the descriptions are both negative and positive

10. Marlow sees the africans as criminals and tries to ignore them. He realizes they’re bad people because of the chains

11. Marlow is disgusted by how they are treated, but does nothing about it.

12. Marlow sees the accountant as a joking person and selfish, someone who doesn’t care about the suffering of others.

13. The accountant makes the slave wash the clothes. He insinuates that his clothes say a lot.

14. His attitude towards Kurtz is glowing and is an extraordinary person

15. He comes off as someone that is insensitive and heartless. He has no pity

16. He inspires disgust in Marlow. To Marlow, he does not approve of his treatment towards the slaves.

17. Conrad describes the scenery, he describes the facial expressions.

18. The brick maker characterizes Kurtz as a person sent on pity

19. Their actions convey that the pilgrims are there to help but they wrongfully attack the hippo. The hippo could symbolize how they treated the Africans

20. No he isn’t a sympathetic character. He doesn’t do anything

21. Marlow starts to wish for his rivets again. He thinks the manager’s uncle to be lacking.

Section 2

1. Details that Conrad includes is mysterious because they have them guessing.

2. They both hope that Kurtz will die. They want to rid of Kurtz because they don’t like him since he moved up fast in the company

3. Marlow freaks out from fear

4.Conrad jumps to frame the story on Marlow. He describes his job.

5. He talks about scraping the bottom of the steamer from the river floor

6. He compares a conquered monster and an African being, it makes Marlow seem aliented

7. He talks about how to do things and to be trained. He also says the naive man is uneducated

8. Marlow didn’t get why he felt he had to write in cipher

9. He feels bitterness towards the Russian. The manager is greedy

10. He begins to feel more anxious about the boat going through river

11. Then pilgrims start to panic and think the Africans are going to attack

12. Marlow says that they have not eaten, that the Africans are in better condition.

13. He says that they are ill and the conditions of living weren’t good.

14. He has it down that the sounds were intense. Marlow says that the Africans are similar to the Europeans.

15. He talks about how Helsman was cocky

16. They start to worry and start running around the ship. They also start using their weapons.

17. He thinks that there’s no way Kurtz can be alive still

18. He found it ridiculous because Marlow had no shoes. He talks to the police

19. I think what motivates Kurtz is the people who worship him. He rules everything.

20. He attributes his mourning to his death. He says Helsmas lacked the ability to keep sane of fear.

21. Marlow refers to weight of the death.

Section 3

1. He got sick twice. He says his violence was a way of controlling the Africans.

2. Kurtz had his own tribe that followed him. He was also known for when he gets mad.

3.Most times things were vile. He becomes more sympathetic towards the Africans

4. They were deformed heads of the Africans. They had pain. Marlow was shocked but not surprised of this violence.

5. He says Kurtz has madness. However, Kurtz thinks he’s entitled to everything he wanted. Marlow is already biased because his personality is outgoing and that makes him questionable.

6. Marlow is curious of Kurtz being sane. As for the stakes with the heads, this shows Kurtz as being capable of doing whatever he wants.

7. Kurtz can still control the Africans. Which whom they are there to go after the Whites.

8. Kurtz tells them to not attack because he is leaving with the choice of his. His command to me is consistent because he is in charge again

9. Kurtz’s impression of Marlow is that he’s glad to have Marlow there, he believes they share similar beliefs

10. Kurtz’s attitude is manipulative. He’s concerned that he’s going to take his legacy. He sees him as evil

11. Ways that Marlow is Kurtz’s friend is that he was seen as less evil. He also feels connected to him through similar experiences.

12. Marlow becomes more like Kurtz because he becomes manipulative, makes threats

13. Kurtz is close to death and doesn’t want to lose his legacy.

14. He goes to save them from being shot

15. I think this darkness represents how evil Kurtz was

16. He feels as if his life has changed

17. He is rude, he won’t give any information out.

19. Marlow sees them as satisfied but they made Kurtz a remarkable man.

20. Conrad describes the beauty and power she had. As is she was a goddess.

21. She sees good in him but is unsure of the negativity from him

23. When the story ends it brings the reader back from their scene into reality. It helps them connect current Europeans to the congo

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