Healthy Essay

Obesity is a crucial problem in 21st century. Most of the countries became a union to get rid of this vital problem. Their aim is to minimize the rate of obesity. To prevent the growth of obesity rate, people should either go to sport or consume proper nutrition. Although some people believe that going to sport is more beneficial than eating healthy, I don’t agree with statement. Eating healthy is a better way than sports to help overweight people lose weight.

If I give an example of my life, I tried both of method in my life. I used to be heavier than I am right now. For losing weight, I went to a professional about my problem. She told me that eating healthy is more effective than going to sports. When I heard it first, I didn’t believe what she said so that I tried both of them. First, I started go to the sport center. I did sport with personal trainer. He helped me a lot to get rid of my extra kilos.

After a month, I gave about 2-3 kilograms without changing anything in my meal plan. I wasn’t happy with that result because I planned that I have to give at least 4-5 kilograms per month. Then I started to eat healthy according to the program which dietitian gave to me. After a month using that eating schedule, I gave about 6-7 kilograms. First, I didn’t believe that I gave about 6 kilograms in a month. When I weighted, I saw that I lose weight. I asked to dietitian how such a thing happened. How well-balanced nutrition allowed me to lose more weight than sports. She basically explained me how eating healthy is more effective than doing sports.

Although sports are not as effective as eating healthy, they are also effective for losing weight. Doing sport increases the mass of muscle in human body. Because of the increased muscle mass, human metabolism starts to burn more calories per day. Burning more calories helps over weight individuals to lose weight faster than usual.

Before I started explaining why eating healthy is more effective, I want to explain what is eating healthy. There are abundant types of eating healthy. However, all of these types have a common point. The main purpose of diets is to reduce the body’s calorie intake, while also converting the body’s energy need. Adding to this, diets also aim to allow the body to more active life than ever before, by allowing more energy consumption. To give an example about diets, there is a diet which tells to skip meals. It is called as “The 2-Day Diet”. This diet is only made 2 days in a week. In those two days, the program says that to eat less than normal calories you need to take. According the article called “Skipping Meals”, the author explains diet by saying, “Now, a few researchers are beginning to suggest that a dose of prehistoric feast and famine might be the better ticket to both weight loss and improved resistance to disease. Intermittent fasting requires spending two, perhaps three, days a week eating about a quarter of the calories of a normal diet: 500 for women, instead of the usual 2",000, and 600 for men instead of 2",500. The other days, you might be able to forget calorie counting, within reason.” (Brink)

The first idea why I believe that eating healthy is more beneficial than doing sport for losing weight is, eating healthy also affect body balance. By eating healthy, overweight people lose weight as well as they get rid of their toxins in their body. These toxins are harmful to our body. If we cannot get rid of these toxins, they can disrupts the natural physiological functions of the body and leads to diseases. As it was mentioned in “The Dangers of Toxins and the Truth about Detox” which was written by Ali Miller “Excess toxins and waste in the body can lead to depression, lack of energy, skin conditions, weight gain, joint pain, headaches, muscle-aches, chronic fatigue, allergies, gastrointestinal distress, and irritability. In addition to symptoms of toxin overload, there are chronic disease states that are correlated with high levels of toxins in the body including: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, autoimmune conditions, ADHD, Autism, Cancer, and Diabetes. ”

Eating Healthy also affects the sugar in the blood. According to the article named “The Case for Skipping Meals” from Susan Brink demonstrates, “Small studies by Harvie and Howell and others have suggested that regular intermittent fasting is effective at promoting weight loss and at lowering the body's resistance to insulin, important to avoiding diabetes.”

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