Health tips Essay

What if most of your health questions are answered? What if some of your daily food practices are fatal. You would like to know, right? Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks: A Physician’s Advice, Health information to liberate us from “Snake Oil” by Morton E. Tavel, MD is a book containing researched data and great information regarding our health in relation to our food choices. It is brutally honest in pointing out our misconceptions based on layman thinking and myths we are told by many.

The author covers this vital information in three main sections. He starts by addressing the common concern of losing weight. He expounds on major weight loss practices while giving reasons why some work while others don't. We get to know the ‘’why’’ behind the importance of breakfast and the ‘’how’’ regarding healthy coffee intake. In a nutshell, he generously gives advice regarding fitness, sunscreens, sleep, diet, allergies, and many other common health issues that are important in our daily lives. You might be thinking that the book is all over the place with all those numerous topics but trust me, it’s not. The book is well written with the three sections covering tips, myths, and tricks in that order.

I loved this book. I learned a lot which will help me make great health decisions and ditch some bad habits. I got to clear some of my doubts in the second section which covers many conspiracy theories and myths about health that revolve in our society. You must have heard about a couple of beliefs around foodstuffs like organic foods, raw milk, bottled water and many others that might be wrong. They are all discussed so you can have clarity.

There are many common health uncertainties that need to be unveiled for awareness. This book is helpful as it is an eye-opener. My favorite piece of advice is about coffee. I take a lot of coffee as it is my favorite beverage and I am pretty sure many can relate to this. The author points out where we are going wrong with coffee and how we can control the damage if we learn about it. With all this advice, I deducted one simple yet immensely vital tip. We need to practice the main healthy habits like eating a balanced diet, drinking a lot of water and avoiding unhealthy foods as much as possible. This will enable us to stay healthy without supplements and hence it’ll be easier to keep "snake oil" products at bay.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The book was well researched and excellently written. You can be sure about the legitimacy of the information as it is backed up by accurate data. It is really helpful and since there are no noticeable errors that I encountered, it deserves all the stars. Anyone interested in learning and improving their health will want to grab this one. It is a great read.

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