Health Science: Facial Expressions, Gestures And Touch Essay


Discuss about the Health Science for Facial Expressions, Gestures and Touch.


This segment of the story is developing the sense of non-verbal communication, which is quite an essential part observed between the members of the 2 groups. The non-verbal communication is comprised of body languages, facial expressions, gestures, touch and tones (Little et al. 2015). The YouTube video entitled as ‘Bride Gives Dying Father a Touching Gift’ can be considered as one of the rare non-verbal communication. In this video, it was clearly portrayed that the father was unable to express his feelings through words. Non-verbal communication became the major communication medium in this context. The facial expression, body language, and personal space have been portrayed in a clarified way in this segment. When the father was on his deathbed, the daughter started dancing with him sharing their personal space and emotion, which was a beautiful gesture and outflow of non-verbal assistance. Therefore, it can be said that the non-verbal communication can proved to be significantly powerful than words.

The other popular YouTube video ‘Our Little family’ shared the story of a dwarf family. This is the common practice of each society of this entire world to consider a person as weird who are not the regular one. The videos show how the taxi drivers were ignoring when the woman was trying to catch a taxi. However, the little boy of this family did not bother to waste his words. He suddenly starts dancing at the middle of the road to attract the taxi driver and the non-verbal communication became the weapon in such aspect. The use of the non-verbal gestures is also highlighted in this video. Especially when the little boy used the appropriate positioning and mirroring effects and started his movement to attract the taxi driver, it became a synchronized form of non-verbal communication. The particular driver could not ignore his effort. The non-verbal communication here fulfilled the gap identified in the verbal communication.

The physical condition of the little boy of ‘Our Little Family’:

A little boy was seen in the video is the victim of Endocrine deficiencies of growth hormone. It is associated with the significant dwarfism. This is why he looks younger than his chronological-age. This can be considered as the Pathophysiology findings. There is no other fault has been observed in him. His body shape and body fat and body weight are in proper condition. It can be considered as the normal finding. His appearance is significantly slumped. This is being termed as the abnormal finding. However, he faces no problem is doing body movements.

Psychological condition of the little boy of ‘Our Little Family’

His movement can be interpreted as the effortless one and smooth. It is to be mentioned that not only this significant boy but his entire family were appeared as clean, clear, hygienic and well dressed. The boy was fun loving and childish appropriate to his age. His dances moves can offer one the feel that the child is absolutely normal one. His speech was enough clear and understandable. This is a significant normal finding. However, he did not waste his words but communicate through dance in this video. There is no pain has been observed in the little boy’s gesture or behavior.

Physical of the old man in ‘Bride Gives Dying Father a Touching Gift’:

The old man in the video was ill and bedridden. It is assumed that he is going to die in soon. Therefore, it can be said that the physical situation of this person is not fine. This may be considered as the abnormal finding. However, there is no major abnormalities can be seen in his body structure. This is notable that his disease slows the basic metabolic rate, may result in obesity. It can be mentioned that this finding comes under the Pathophysiology.

Psychological condition of the old man in ‘Bride Gives Dying Father a Touching Gift’

However, he felt happy to see his daughter got married. The daughter put significant effort to make his dying father happy by making him an active part of this occasion. The daughter put the entire ceremony in the specific hospital cabin of his dying father. A tremendous pain can easily be observed in his behavior and gesture. He is suffering from a life-taking disease. It can be categorized under abnormal findings. However, his daughter’s surprise made the old weak man look significantly happy. This made him absolutely normal at least for that particular moment.

STAR reflective:

The significant four factors are Situation, Task, Action and Result (Handley et al., 2015).

Our Little Family:

  1. Situation: A dwarf family including young parents along with their baby boy and baby girl was waiting for a taxi to catch. None of the taxi drivers were responding. The parents were assuming that the drivers may scare to see them as they found them abnormal.
  2. Task: It is significant to mention that the task was to stop a taxi and get into this. The groom was also looking happy.
  • Action: The baby boy took the responsibility once he found his parents failed in doing the task. He asked his mother if he could call a taxi. After thinking a lot, the parents finally allowed him to call a cab. Instead of spending his words, he went to the middle of the road and start dancing to stop a cab.
  1. Result: The result of this action was absolutely affirmative. The boy actually succeeds to stop a cab.

Bride Gives Dying Father a Touching Gift

  1. Situation: Father of a bride is being hospitalized and bedridden. His daughter was about to get married. The daughter does not want to miss her father on her special day.
  2. Task: The bride did not want to miss her father in her marriage. Therefore, she planned along with her husband and the invitees to offer a surprise to her father.
  • Action: The bride transformed her father’s cabin into a marriage hall. She exchanged her ring with her husband in front of her father. She hugged and kissed her father, shared laughter and tears with him, danced with him and made the moment eternal.
  1. Result: It can easily be predicted that both the father and daughter were happy with this incident.


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