Health Safety And Environment Essay


Discuss about the Health Safety and Environment.


Introduction and Purpose

In any workplace the operational health and safety maintenance is chiefly essential where the management of the organisation provides the safe and harmless environment. The purpose of this experiment is to inspect the defective Personal Protection Equipment while making appropriate risk assessment and mitigation plan.

Material and Equipment

Notebook, Pen, Camera, Range of hazard identification signs and symbols, Various defective PPE equipments

Experimental Set up and procedure

Initially a visit of the collage workshop and engineering lab has been arranged. The instructor demonstrated the workplace safe arrangement and best occupational safety and health practices. The personal protective equipments have been shown. After that the implementation of emergency system poster and various safety equipments like manual and automatic fire extinguisher have been demonstrated. Various workplace safety signs have been shown. Throughout this process, numerous pictures of PPEs, signs, fire extinguishers have been taken for evidence collection and analysis. In second stage, after collecting digital photo of 4 safety instruction signs, 4 hazard warnings, 4 restricted items or prohibited practices and 4 safety information a wall poster have been made. Finally, various illustrations of defective PPEs have been shown to develop a report about the potential result for this disputes in PPEs and the scope of resolving these issues.

Data and Results


Rotating machine with safety guards and break

First aid box

Fire extinguishers

Functioning PPEs

Analysis: Poster

Defective PPE: Fractured helmet

IF the helmet were in good condition it would able to protect the head of the user from any external impacts and damage. It could prevent any kind of head injury. Because of the fracture in the helmet it cannot be used for its actual purpose of protecting the users head. Apart from that the fractured portion of the helmet can cause additional damage to the user’s hand and other body parts without any external collision.


From this project, the process of inspection of defective Personal Protection Equipment has been learned while making appropriate risk assessment and mitigation plan. It also helped to understand the purpose of PPEs and the safe work place environment. This project allows the learners to learn the hazard identification system as well as protection procedures.


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