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You are to describe the problem in your own words, and the capabilities and benefits. You need to create a Project Vision Document which contains:



My Health record system is used for the recording all the health related information about the patients in Australia. Headspace is an organization that is involved with the treatment of the people who are mentally ill aged in between 12 to 25. The health record would be very efficient in serving the purpose of the organization (Lee et al, 2016). The report provides details about the ‘My Health Record’ and the related information to it. The report consists of the problems, capability and the benefits of the system.


The main problems that are faced by the systems are (Hibbard & Greene, 2013):

Inaccuracy in recording of data efficiently: The system also requires to record the stories of the patient aptly and hence if the system does not record the data of the patients efficiently the system would not provide any kind of benefit to the organizations that are using the “my health record system”.

Lack of visibility in the implementation of the network: The implementer of the network needs to have the right vision so that he can define the proper functioning of the system. If the designers are not accustomed with the requirement of the system aptly then the system would be inefficient.

Technical faults related to the system: The technical faults in the system would arise in the system if the hardware and the software configuration of the system are not done properly. In addition to this the deficiency of the hardware device would result in the mal functioning of the entire system.


The main capabilities of the system are (Jone & Furkawa, 2014):

Handling more than one patient at a time: The system can store large amounts of data and also would be capable of maintaining the patient’s data efficiently. This would resolve the issues of entering the data for the patients again and again. Hence, this would allow the system to handle more than one patient at a time.

Scheduling of appointments: The system would keep a record for the doctors and this would allow the patients to gather information about the doctors (Rieckmann et al., 2016). In addition to this, the patients would be able to log in to the system and book appointments with the desired personnel and this would allow saving time for the patients and also they would be treated efficiently by the doctors. The patients would be relived form standing and the waiting in the queues in order to be checked.

Utilization of time: The system would also result in the utilization of the time for the organization and hence, more time can be spent efficiently on the diagnosis of the patients. Hence the system would result in the increased efficiency of the roles of the organization and also pace up their operations.


The system would provide various types of benefits to the organization. The main benefits of the system are (Sultan, 2014):

Benefits for the doctors of the organizations: The system would be benefitting the doctors the most as all the information about a certain patient would be stored in the system. Hence, the doctor does not have to go through all the details again and again and perform the diagnosis instead.

Benefits of the healthcare organizations: The healthcare organizations would be benefitted as they do not have to spend so much of money on maintaining the records for the patients. This would also increase the efficiency of the healthcare system of the country.

Benefits for the patients: The implementation of the system would also provide various type of benefits for the patients. They would be able to simply book an appointment online and also they would not have to perform several type of test again and again this would save their cost of treatment.

Benefits for the staffs in the organizations: the staffs would also be benefitted form this system as they would not have to maintain the records and perform the repetition of same procedures again and again.


For conclusion it can be said that “My Health Record System” has the capability to provide various type of benefit for the healthcare organization of Australia. The report provides details about the ‘My Health Record’ and the related information to it. The report consists of the problems, capability and the benefits of the system. Hence, the implementation of the system is aptly justified by this report


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