Health Record Information System Essay


Discuss about the Health Record Information System.



The project has been created for implementing the Information System called ‘My Health Record'. The Commonwealth Government of Australia has produced this project. The purpose of the project will be developing a system that can summarise the health information of individual online. The organisation is looking forward to integrating the system with the local clinical system so that all the patient records can be viewed from a single remote system. The system will collect the new records that will be inputted into the system as well as the old record for getting a better view of the patient conditions. The project will be able to provide the best quality solution to the government organisation.

The deliverables of the project are a secure connection to the clinical system, a secured software architecture, a system that can hold the record and collect data from other databases, a technology that the people can use for better health checking, a system that will facilitate the doctors' jobs, My Health Record System.

Collecting Patient Record: The system will not allow the user to input any record manually. The system will automatically gather the data and the information from the clinical systems that are connected to it. The system will fetch the new records as well as the old records.

Providing Stored Data to the User: The users of the system are doctors, physicians, patients, healthcare organisations and much more. The user can see/retrieve the stored data through the use of an application. Not all the users will be able to see all the data. There will be some layers of authorization.

Cloud: It is a very powerful tool for the modern day technologies. This technology allows the data to be stored within a virtual storage that can be accessed from anywhere. The data from the clinical systems will be transferred to this cloud database temporarily when the user will ask for the patient record. After the user gets satisfied by the result, then the data will be erased.

Data servers: The data servers are the hardware and software that provides the database services to the system. Storing and retrieving the data to the cloud is not the end of the story. The system must be able to provide the services like data collection, backup, retrieval and much more.

Graphical User Interfaces: The graphical user interfaces are the medium through which the users can interact with the system. The interface may be same for all the users or different, but it depends on the functionality of the system.

Programming Language: In order to make the system, it is required to write codes. The codes are written in some programming language.


As per the proposed project’s characteristics, the audiences of the ‘My Health Record’ system are all the patients and health care organisations of Australia.

Regarding any information system development, there are various problems that may have to be faced by the project manager and project team members. These issues can occur due to various reasons and recognize the sources are not always possible. The problems are as following.

Integration with the existing system: The different health care organisations make use of different clinical systems. The functionalities, communication medium, databases and software platform on which it has been developed are different. Therefore, the project team have to create a solution that can work for all the system otherwise configure the system features manually for different systems.

Providing Safety: Any cyber attack can occur over any clinical system. As the system will be connected to the clinical systems internally, there is a huge possibility that the hacker can gain access to the system by attacking any health care system.

Providing an enormous amount of data: As the system will only retrieve The data from the other systems and hold it for a small amount of time, any large-scale database is not necessary for providing an enormous amount of data transfer.

Facilitating the treatment: The doctors can gather all the records of the patient's trough the system and easily start the treatment.

The biggest benefits that the system will provide to the doctors and patients of Australia are as following.


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