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Hate crimes are not a new concept for society, because hate crimes will always be around. Whilst the study of hate crimes therefore the legislation which were passed away as a result of hate crimes is reasonably brand new, hate crimes will always be around. Hate crimes had been committed dating back to the 1800’s as well as back to The Civil War. Hate crimes are commonplace in society today exactly like these people were before; because whether the crimes are aimed towards Muslims, the homosexual community, or other minority group; they truly are fueled by something that everybody has arrived into experience of- prejudice. Prejudice is described as a preconceived thought or opinion about some body. While prejudice could be good, within the idea of hate crimes they have been negative emotions,…show more content…

Hate crimes are very important to examine in sociology because as more lifestyles and cultures become accepted, others may emerge to be discriminated against. Considering interactions and also the impacts the interactions have actually, perceptions and discriminations are constantly changing. While it is understandable that most people never accept of hate crimes, they've been type of a significant catalyst for social modification. By learning the crimes additionally the reasons through the past and present; it can help produce theories to better understand the past, the current as well as the constant development of society in relation to the consequences of interactions individuals have. Hate crimes are very nearly important to the study of sociology because they're based entirely upon prejudice and biases which have always been around. Although it could have shifted from religious persecution to race to intimate choice biases will always be an integral part inside our culture. It's possible that folks that minorities will be victims of a hate criminal activity than people who are not a minority. People who are a minority are more inclined to function as target of a hate criminal activity since the victims of these forms of crimes are targeted since they are considered become inferior for their status as a minority. Folks who are homosexual will be victims of a hate crime than people who are not homosexual. This might be

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