Haitian poverty Essay

whenever someone moves to a new neighborhood it is customary for the neighbors to welcome them. Neighbors can be very helpful at times While others tend to keep to themselves. When Haiti became a new country it was like they moved to a new neighborhood. They different, they had a more broad understanding of their surroundings and they became aware that they had Neighbors. This all being said, there wasn't one country that tried to help them get on their feet. In fact, there were two countries that tried and accomplished kicking the feet out from under the country as a whole. France did so by demanding reformation and America did so by the Embargoes they placed on the Haitians. The fact that Asians sibling the Dominican Republic just up and left also didn't help given the fact that the Dominican Republic showed zero interest in helping Haiti out of their lifelong crisis. This being said the main reasons that Haiti is in the situation that it is is because of the agriculture the government the lifestyle they live and the natural disasters that keep striking the nation. The people of Haiti grow all sorts of things. Their main crops are known to be derived from bomara farms, rice Farms, and potato Farms. Many of the sources have different foods listed as Haiti's best cash crop but only a few of them overlap with the websites. Long droughts and overused soil are the leading causes of poorly grown crops in Haiti. The citizens of Haiti grow crops to earn money for a family and a lot of the time end up selling their Wares along the roads and even in markets when they are open. There are currently several different organizations on Haiti that are trying to help a be better at agriculture. The hurricane created landslides and since there were no trees the flooding was a higher threat than it would have been. Some of the organizations like the Convoy of Hope teach agricultural skills to the farmers of Haiti and guide them to grow trees on the barren mountains and Hills close by. Other organizations like going green give Farmers a certain amount of seeds with the agreement that at the end of the season or harvest they would give back the amount they were given. The rest they get to make a profit with and prepare to plant and grow another batch with when the next season comes. The politicians of Haiti have been similar in many ways and all have failed to bring Haiti out of poverty. The Dominican Republic and Haiti have very different Lifestyles and wild Haiti is very poor Dominican Republic happens to be relatively rich. The two countries are at peace to an extent. One of the many agreements they have includes open markets on certain days along the border. These markets are open twice a week and are always at the same spot and the time. Ephesians after traveling a long distance must wait before crossing the border to join the Dominican once they have set up. This shows the rift between the two Nations because the agreement said they all were allowed on the premises at the same time. Part of why Haiti is the way it is today is because how it started. While the Dominican Republic had slaves they had less of them and the great majority of them were treated like unpaid servants rather than animals like the Haitians for. The Haitians or worked day in and day out by the French.D people of Haiti were expected to farm and give the money learned to the mother country. This and the nonstop farming crippled that side of the island early on. Wendy Island finally got their freedom from the French in the early 1800s they still had to pay France Reformation. Ever since then the leaders of the country have either been self-elected or elected by the majority only to be shunned later on for their incompetence. The lack of knowledge or farmable land has caused me to have a food shortage. Because of the lack of conventional or steady wage jobs, the need to smuggle food from neighboring Nations have increased. The crime rate has also increased when the level of desperation the patient's face. The Haitian people were once tribal people who were native to the land. The European explorer Christopher Columbus discover Haiti 1492. He was trying to find a way to China to trade spices but ran into the America instead. The first place he landed was the island of Hispaniola. After the French and the Spanish split the country up with France getting Haiti and Spain getting the Dominican Republic, the French went to work. Well, they got people to get to work for them. After the traveled to Senegal Africa to pick up slaves they would dump them into the Haitian and can't men's and made them harvest the Luscious trees. The trees would then be shipped to France. Later after the major deforestation, they would plant and harvest food like maize, coffee beans, and sugar cane. After the Haitians lead by Jean Jaquez gained independence they had a hard time gaining the respect of the countries around the globe. Is it was a huge achievement to become the first all-black nation that was independent. Because of the high racism and the fear of slave Uprising and revolts countries refused to look at them as equals. That and the fact that the leaders who came to power crippled the economy of the Haitian Nation. in May of 2018, the US ambassador for Haiti and their president had a conference. during the conference, the president mentioned that when two countries who live so close and have so much history they should be able to help each other in need especially if one is so fabulously Rich while the other is economically so poor. after seeing this he explains how he so desperately wants people to buy things from Haiti instead of them having to accept handouts. one of the goals that the president of PT has is for countries to look towards Haiti for Investments. he plans to use the resorts and other attractions to lure countries in so that they may help the country and in doing so do business. during the meeting, he expressed his need to keep his word with his people. one of the promises he made during his campaign was that he would make it possible that electricity runs throughout the cool of the country 24 hours a day. with this goal in mind, he has been fighting with the other authorities of Haiti so as the goal can be reached within the next 16 months. Haiti has a tragic history with natural disasters. Because of the constant battering of the island, it has become one of the leading causes their poverty. The last great phenomenon was the earthquake back in January of 2010. The magnitude of this earthquake was 7.0. This strike caused thousands of Haitians to die and millions of Asians to lose their homes. The rain from the storm and the lack of trees and Shrubbery caused landslides and huge floods. The poor economy before the disaster caused the homes that were there prior to the storm susceptible to destruction. Thousands of organizations like Habitat for Humanity from hundreds of countries who wanted to help went to Haiti to get them out of the situation they were in. It was difficult for 4 countries to help restore Haiti when Haiti wasn't that great before the disaster. In order for them to help the country, they would have to not on rebuild what was their butt improve and build what should have been there, to begin with. Some places in Haiti actually had to resort to clay homes that look like igloos made from hard packed clay. Because of the wealth that the Dominican Republic's had and its placement next to Cuba DeStorm only managed to hit them with a glancing blow that enabled them to recover quickly to move on without much trouble. The need of the Haitian people outweighs the urge that some of them have in preserving their once beautiful man. They tend to think day by day instead of what they're already Barren landscape will be after another one of these catastrophic events manages to hit their home again. Port-au-Prince before the earthquake looked like an old city that the recreational centers and shops and unique architecture. it also had trash and feces that littered the streets and it was overpopulated. now those seen streets are even more populated as people migrate to the city to find jobs. the feels where people once went to play ball now is home to thousands of Haitians that build makeshift tends to now live in. a small percent of them are able to find or make work to earn a living While others are not even able to make a dime to spend on themselves or their families. the people who do work have shops have then right in their tents. There are those who think the Haitian people are doing. if they were to look into the eyes of almost every child and into the smiles and hearts of every adult there hope would be restored. a major reason why the Haitian people haven't fallen into complete despair is because of the optimism that they have and the resourcefulness of their people. the open-minded Farmers have accepted help from Outsiders who are trying to help and now they are thriving as much as they can. can. paw have the / restaurants within their makeshift homes that are made from carbs and all ends that they can find. the people who don't then food find odd jobs to keep themselves and or their family as cared for as possible. among the people who fled the country, thousands return to help their Homeland out of these struggles. many of those who left entered the US in Florida and many of those stayed. of those who left a majority of them moved 2 either New York or Eastern Canada. Wednesday heard tell of all the struggles back home many picked up the lives that they made in the new country and went back to give back to their Beloved Country. the Haitian people do you have a hard life and a long way to go to restore there once thriving Nation. this being said if they can acquire help from their neighboring countries and rebuild their economy so you can once and for all become a self-sustaining country.

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