Hair Essay

Uzo is a very happy, hair-loving person who loves to look good and make others look even better. Over the years, we have come to notice that the hair is the crowning glory of today’s women, but few women have the basic knowledge about how to take care of their hair or chose the proper hair extension for themselves. Furthermore, w believe that everyone deserves the right to be happy with the right hair on their head without having to break the bank or be mocked because of your look.

The Uzo Hair Extension Company was started because I was not cut out to do a 9 to 5 job and hair really made me happy. It started small by providing basic home services to friends and family; this includes offering a more organic and natural hair care remedy for restoring your edges, managing your natural hair and hairline, choosing the right hair extension and having the proper hair accessory in your arsenal.

Looking back now, the small business that started in the middle of my living room, was now a big business that ladies can relate with as their struggle daily with different hair issues. It has not been easy, we have had our ups and very low lows, that we almost gave up but when we receive a thank for a recommendation or for using our hair extension or product pushed us to want to do better at giving you the best hair treatment ever.

As stated above our success in this business has been a smooth ride but what has kept us this long and still our drive is YOU.

We believe in only the best product and strive to research more about hair especially as it concerns our clients to ensure that only best is delivered to you.

We are very critical in our brand – whether hair extensions, eyelashes, hair accessories or a consultation- if it’s not the best we will not indulge in it.

Finally, the smile and confidence of every woman that walks through our doors to say thank you after using our product is the driving force behind our success. It is to know that a recommendation worked to restore that hairline, improved your hair growth, and boost your self-esteem means a lot to us. Furthermore, guaranteeing our clients that we are what we say, and sell is the second reason for staying this long in the hair business.

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