Gun violence Essay

Violence has been a recurrently breaking news on the top headlines in all media, whether it is through television, social sites, magazines or newspaper. Gun control has been high a controversial issue in the United State, where we should go in depth about this serious matter. Gun control can be described as a broad title where there is a limitation of selling, buying, using, storing or carrying firearms in right way. It is the true topic to grab people’s attention and can be a debate on where the leader of this nation should really implement the strict rules and regulations to gun control.


The Mankato Free Press Jessica Bies, who has written monstrously about a topic on “Student who was identified after suicide in Mankato university library”, notes that “A Minnesota State University student died after shooting himself on the second floor of the campus library Monday afternoon. He was later identified by campus officials as 27-year-old junior philosophy major Timothy Lee Anderson of Mankato. The Mankato Department of Public Safety received reports that there was a potentially suicidal male on campus at 3:52 p.m. They arrived on scene, set up a perimeter and began searching for him. They found him in Memorial Library at 4:30 p.m., according to Public Safety officials. At that point, Anderson turned the gun on himself and committed suicide, officials said.” The nation is living under the fear of the gun- shooting. We are all finding our own way to live fearlessly in the community that can be disintegrated by this unfathomable and unspeakable disaster. There is no longer secret that this topic can bring a serious concern to debate about. After researching this topic, I have concluded that many of the people do this senseless crime to achieve their self-satisfaction, mental illness, psychological disorder, personal issues or terror attacks. It is important to understand and realize our surrounding before it’s too late. People who are suffering from mental illness and suicidal thoughts can be dangerous for individual.

Statement of Problem

Personal illness like above can cause high risk of crime like gun-violence. The government should be concern about identifying and providing treatments for all those who are suffering from these kinds of mental illness. In addition, it should also note about the behavioral threats that takes place in schools, colleges, workplaces and other public places. Mental disorders are not always the root cause of this violent gun crimes, it is because of the wrong implement of government rules and regulations of buying firearms. They need make boundaries and conditions for people who have mental health problems.

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