History of Firearm LawsThroughout the history of the United States gun control has been a controversial topic", including during the initial formation of the States. There were many suites that went before judged and supreme court concerning the right to bear arms and whether that applied to every citizen", or those participating in state militia activities. The following timeline gives a brief history as to why the gun control laws we have today exist", and how these ruling influences how businesses go about selling their firearms (ThoughtCo", 2018).1791 Bill of Rights“A well regulated Militia", being necessary to the security of a free State", the right of the people to keep and bear Arms", shall not be infringed.” (The bill of rights", 1791.)National Firearms Act of 1934According to the Bureau of Alcohol", Tobacco", Firearms", and Explosives web page:“As the legislative history of the law discloses", its underlying purpose was to curtail", if not prohibit", transactions in NFA firearms. Congress found these firearms to pose a significant crime problem because of their frequent use in crime particularly the gangland crime.” (ATF.gov 2).“[T]he original Act imposed a tax on the making and transfer of firearms defined by the Act", as well as a special (occupational) tax on persons and entities engaged in the business of importing", manufacturing", and dealing in NFA firearms. The law also required the registration of all NFA firearms with the Secretary of the Treasury. Firearms subject to the 1934 Act included shotguns and rifles having barrels less than 18 inches in length", certain firearms described as “any other weapons",” machine guns", and firearm mufflers and silencers” (ATF.gov", 2018", 3).Gun Control Act of 1968According to the ATF this act passed because of several assassinations of public figures including Martin Luther King Jr. and President John F Kennedy. This particular act was put into place to controlled more firmly who had legal access to purchase guns; restricting those with certain criminal or other unstable backgrounds", from buying them (2018).The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Improvement Amends Act of 2007The Bureau of Justice Statistics states that the purpose of this act is to amend past acts and need more strict laws concerning reporting to government agencies whether someone is mentally competent to own/buy a firearm. The main reason for this act", being pushed through legislation", was because of the shooting that took place at Virginia Tech in 2007. (Bjs.gov", 2018).Fix Gun Checks Act of 2015 (H.R. 3411)This more recent Act passed in 2015", due to many gun sellers bypassing the background check requirements while they were at gun shows", by (Speier", J. 2015).Employment Bureau of Labor Statistics During the past 10 years according to the BLS the amount of jobs in the small arms", ammunition", and firearms accessories has risen overall. The impact that gun control has played on the actual industry is unknown", but overall the employment for that sector has had an upward trend except for a dip that took place in 2015 (BLS 2017). An article published July 6", 2017 by the Washington Examiner", referenced the number of background checks performed by the FBI through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The number of checks also indicates a growing interest in the firearms market despite the tightening of gun laws. But one should be wary because that does not necessarily mean that guns sales have increased. Perspectives on Gun Control:The research conducted by multiple organizations", for and against gun control vary widely", even when studying similar topics about gun control.National Rifle AssociationThe National Rifle Association (NRA) is a nonprofit organization", that is run as a business powerhouse", especially when it comes to lobbying and advocating for the gun owner rights. In a study performed by the Center for Responsive Policies the NRA is estimated to have spent over $22.9 million in campaign donations between 1989-2016. Compared to a total of $4.2 million", on campaign donations spent by all gun control groups (Bedard", 2017). The tables below", give a good idea for how much money is spent on either side of the gun control issues. While these amount of $22.9 million and $54.3 million seem like vast amounts on their own; if you compare them across a few industry lobbying group", one can see that the amounts spent are relatively small in comparison with Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of American; Blue Cross/Blue Shield; and Philip Morris. According to one peer reviewed article", Planting in Fertile Soil: The National Association and State Firearms Legislation", publish in Social Science Quarterly", they studied “the linkage between surges in firearms sales and state legislation” and an increase in firearms sales happened around the time of Obama's presidency", when many people had a fear of loosing their rights to purchase or own firearms.The article points to the detail that gun sales increase for businesses when there is even a small possibility", that gun laws might be tightened. Sources: National Instant Criminal Background Check System; Jurgen Brauer", Georgia Regents University; Jon Vernick", the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and ResearchCurrent law/regulationOverall the federal government has left gun laws up to individual states", concerning who is permitted to purchase or keep a firearm. This has left each state to interpret the Second Amendment as they see fit. These assortment laws play a large part in how businesses conduct gun sales and with whom they conduct these sales. For example in Colorado purchasing a firearm is relatively simple", when purchasing just about any firearm from a gun dealer", or private party. Licensed dealers charge a small fee to help with the transfer of ownership and running background checks. (NRA-ILA", Colorado", 2018)A polar opposite view on gun laws", would be state purchasing laws in Hawaii. Hawaii has significantly more rules and regulation when it comes to buying and selling of firearms", than the aforementioned Colorado. If one wishes to purchase a firearm they are required to obtain a permit from the chief of police and wait 14 days after the application before one can even be allowed to be considered for a firearm; each purchase has to be treated as a separate transaction", and the purchase must take place within 10 days of them being issued the permit. These strict laws limit the number of gun dealers in Hawaii as well. (NRA-ILA", Hawaii", 2018) Both Colorado and Hawaii gun laws", represent the variety of interpretations of how firearms transactions are to be handled", as well as demonstrating that the second amendment has many interpretations.Position of the president. President Trump's views on gun control", deeply contrast with the position of the previous Obama administration. In fact", President Trump's views have changed a lot over the past 10 years or so. In an interview with the White House Press Secretary", after the events that took place in Las Vegas in 2017", she stated “The president has been clear: He's a strong supporter of the second amendment”. In an official white house statement", Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sander", also stated that strict gun control laws do not reduce firearms related crimes. Sanders then", continued to talk about Chicago", which has both the highest gun-related crimes in the country and the tightest gun laws. She stated the stringent laws do not reduce crime.Throughout this interview", Ms. Sander", made it clear that despite recent gun violence events", in Las Vegas", at that time the White House did not support tightening gun laws.Position on Gun Control: While gun control laws have come into serious play the last few years", because of several incidences", related to gun violence. The business of the firearms industry continues to grow according to both private and government sources; referring to the gun purchasing and well as manufacturing trends released by the Bureau of Labor Statistic and the Center for Responsive Politics.My current position is", the reasons behind controlling gun sales are valid; that is", wanting to keep firearms out of the wrong peoples' hands. Conducting background checks on those who wish to buy firearms are a reasonable way to reduce this", but not necessarily effective", since not all firearm sales are legal", and some people who should not have guns slip through the cracks.But according to the research I found; even though there are places where there are more severe laws", this does not reduce incidence of violence. ReferencesAisch", G. (2015", -12-10). What happens after calls for new gun restrictions? sales go up. 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