Growth development Essay

The explanation of fundamental movements skills , the different between each type of skill set that can be used within a training session , A description of what fundamental movement skills that may challenge adolescences after peak height velocity , also included is twelve fundamental skills that would be carry out within a group , the planning of a session for 24 children and finally a warm up program plus a main session program for a u16s basketball team.

Define what fundamental movement skills are?

Fundamental movement skills are a type of skills which includes using your trunk, legs, arms body etc. These are stepping stones for a child to progress to preadult and from a preadult to progress to an adult. They are majorly important in one's movement as it will be useful to them when participating in sports or activities throughout their life style. (Human Kinetics Europe, 2019)

Describe the differences between stability, locomotion and manipulation categories and give examples of the skills found in each category

FMS are important in a child/person's growth as it helps oneself to increase their mobility of movement. Stability, locomotion and manipulative are main factors in this area.

Manipulative is where a person learns how to control speed of an object this is done by the movement of their body. Manipulative skill has two parts, fine and gross. Fine is a minor force of movement example drawing, cutting etc. Gross is a high energy movements example jumping, climbing. Some examples for teams would be in baseball throwing is a very important skill so therefore in practice you can get the team to practice throwing and you would be developing the catching skills as well.

Locomotion this involves moving the body from one place to another e.g. walking, marching, jumping they should be practiced in training session also should be involved in everyday life. If you take soccer for example, running will be a brilliant skill to be practiced as soccer is a multi-directional sport so therefore in training you could have the team running around corners on different surfaces e.g. field, Astroturf. Also, you could include moving backwards, sideward and running from cones as you’re including the movement and using all the different axles. ( movements, 2017)

Stability this is the motion where the body is in balance some examples of this would be balancing or twisting with in a sporting activity and a example would be lifting a weight

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Describe what fundamental movement skills challenges adolescences face after peak height velocity (PHV)

The peak height velocity is a time in which adults experience the progressive growth stature. (Suanne Kowal-Connelly, MD, FAAP, 2016). It is the time when they grow fastest during their adult life , whereby states that the male typically grows 26 cm per year and as to the female it grows 25 cm per year during the peak height velocity (Lloyd, R.S., and Oliver, J.L. 2012) So therefore on average the male can achieve *phv of 8.3 cm and females can achieve 7.8 cm, but from my research the growth spurt happens with the activation of puberty and can occur two years earlier in girls than in boys. (Owen Walker MSc CSCS , 2016) .Some of the challenges that can arise is that when the body is going through these developments it may experience weight and height increase furthermore this may affect a person Centre of gravity, as this could may be very visually in sports such basketball or sports that require a lot of balance and body movement control e.g. gymnastics. As in association to this the limbs can also increase as this could affect a person playing sports that require throwing or catching a ball as it may take time for the brain to adjust to these settings. Social stigma is another factor that may be experience during the peak height velocity as when people participate in sports they like to practice with their peers and when their peers don't want to remain in the sport they may follow and can lead for them to drop out. Another major challenge that may be faced is greater risk in sport due to the increase of their body as a result of this is it may increase the risk of injuries due to enhanced force and motion or even in some cases late bloomers may a lack motor skills and in high level sports motor development may be required (Harold W. Kohl et al., 2019)

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